Mistweaver Monk Revival no longer dispels Matter Swap

If you have killed or are working on heroic Dark Animus, one of the most useful raid cooldowns, Mistweaver’s Revival, is pretty much a death sentence to anyone who has Matter Swap when the monk pops it.  So monks either would have to time it extremely carefully, or would have to assassinate one of their fellow raiders with the dispel portion of Revival for the greater good of keeping the rest of the raid alive after a bad Interrupting Jolt.

Good news for Mistweavers and raid leaders, the June 4th hotfixes finally included a change that sees Revival no longer dispelling Matter Swap.

Monk’s Revival ability will no longer dispel the Matter Swap debuff.

I only wish this happened while we were working on this boss for progression!  Blizzard also made a change where players will no longer get multiple Matter Swap debuffs together.

Players should no longer get multiple Matter Swap debuffs at once

If you have worked on heroic Dark Animus, you are probably familiar with the bad RNG death sentence of a single player being targeted with multiple Matter Swaps at once.  Fortunately, Blizzard has finally corrected this, and the Massive Anima Golems shouldn’t give multiple debuffs to the same player.

Massive Anima Golems will no longer target the same player with multiple Matter Swap debuffs.

With this change, and the hotfix where Revival no longer dispels Matter Swap, this very intense fight just became a bit easier for guilds tackling this boss soon.


Primordius hotfix targets dispels that do not remove positive buffs

Primordius dispels are a tricky task – you want to be careful you aren’t dispelling away positive effects when they are stronger than the negative effects or offset each other, because when you dispel, you dispel all positive and negative effects.  (Read our Primordius Healer Raid Guide here)

However, raids had discovered a few tricks to make dispelling much easier, by utilizing dispels that only dispelled the negative while leaving the positive.  But Blizzard caught on and issued a hotfix that will prevent warlocks (with Sear Magic and Singe Magic via Fel Imp) and Priests (Mass Dispel) from being able to do this.

During the Primordius encounter, spells which dispel a single harmful effect (Sear Magic, Single Magic, or Mass Dispel) will no longer work if any of the positive effects are active on the target (Improved Synapses, Keen Eyesight, Thick Bones, Clear Mind, or Fully Mutated).

Dispelling on this fight is pretty easy, with raiders simply calling out for single target dispels when negative buffs outweighed the positive ones.  It saves healers from having to try and guess who needs dispelling… however it won’t prevent those people from being annoying by dispelling helpful effects of fellow raiders they want to piss off.

Dispelling on Horridon Heroic & Normal

Most fights that require dispels, Blizzard is usually kind enough to make it a magic effect so all healing classes are able to dispel.  However, Blizzard threw us the Horridon curve ball in Throne of Thunder.

There has been some confusion over dispelling this fight because there are multiple debuffs that need dispelling, and not all healers are capable of dispelling each one.  There is nothing like getting yelled at for not dispelling diseases when your class is only capable of doing curses or poisons.

This fight has been a stumbling block for many guilds, particularly slightly undergeared or less-than-ideal raid comp 10m groups, hopefully this will help clear up some of the confusion over how to handle all the dispelling on this fight.

Here are the various debuffs and how you can dispel them, along with priority of most painful debuffs to least painful (although depending on your particular raid comp, venom bolt and deadly plague can be equally painful).

Note: Click here for the complete Heroic & Normal Horridon Healing Guide

Venom Bolt Volley (2nd door)
If the venom bolt volley isn’t interrupted (Gurubashi Venom Priests and Venomous Effusions both cast this), it applies a debuff to targeted raiders.  This debuff is a poison effect.  Druids (Remove Corruption), Paladins (Cleanse) and Monks (Detox; Revival) can dispel this.  This is a stacking debuff, ticking damage every three seconds for one minute.  You can also dispel the raid using Detox at the end of the phase.

You can pre-mark the venom-priests for interrupts, assigning an interrupter for each one to help with the amount of poison going out.

Deadly Plague (3rd door)
This is a disease effect which lasts for 5 minutes on the target.  Paladins (Cleanse), Priests (Purify) and Monks (Detox; Revival) can remove this.  A resto druid can also symbiosis a pally to get Cleanse and help dispel (Bonus tip: You can symbios a pally outside of raid and still use it inside).

However, one great way to combat this is to have your DKs save army for this phase, as the Risen Drakkari can target each mob in each army for the plague.  Time your armies out, if you have more than one, so you don’t get overwhelmed, so make sure your DKs know the order of their armies.  You can also use earth elementals to help, since the diseases are applied when the Champions and Warriors melee a target.  Raid stacking up and using slows can help keep them off range.

Also, some classes with immunities can self-dispel with things like ice block and greater invisibility.

Hex of Confusion (4th door)
This is a curse effect.  Shamans (Cleanse Spirit), Druids (Remove Corruption) and Mages (Remove Curse) can dispel this effect.

Blazing Sunlight (1st door)
This is a magic effect and ALL healers can dispel this debuff.

Stone Gaze (1st door)
All healers can dispel this stun.

Oh, and think Blizzard will balance healers in LFR so there is at least one healer capable of dispelling?  Think again, I have been in groups that couldn’t dispel Deadly Plague in LFR.

What spells cause Corrupted Healing stacks on Twin Consorts

Remember the good old days of Yor’sahj and managing the healing stacks of Deep Corruption so you didn’t blow up the raid?  Welcome to Deep Corruption 2.0, also known as Corrupted Healing courtesy of the Twin Consorts encounter.

When you have one of the tanks on the side tanking one of the adds called Beasts of Nightmares, most heals that you put on the tank will result in the caster gaining a stack of Corrupted Healing.  One or two stacks isn’t a big deal, but ramp that up to 6-8, and it becomes a bigger issue.  And add heroic, suddenly that 10k a tick per stack jumps to 30k a tick per stack  Couple that with the fact some odd spells are causing healers – and some DPS – to gain stacks, it definitely requires some management and knowing what does and does not cause stacks.

Hots pre-cast on the tank prior to that tank picking up the add seem to be fine.

Also, Hand of Purity will remove Corrupted Healing debuff (however there are conflicting reports over whether the casting Paladin will then get a stack) and moving the boss as far away from the raid as possible will prevent inadvertant bounce heals, such as Chi Wave, from increasing stacks on raiders.

Here is a list of what we know causes stacks, and some notes about some heals that do not cause stacks (I will continue to update this list, please post with additions).


Does Give Stacks: Rejuvenation, Regrowth, Wild Growth, Swiftmend (including near the tank)
Does Not Give Stacks: Cenarian Ward


Does Give Stacks: Uplift, Soothing Mist (both direct and statue), Chi Wave (all specs), Expel Harm
Does Not Give Stacks: Healing Spheres, Emminence


Does Give Stacks: Eternal Flame, Beacon transfers (with Beacon on add tank), Light of Dawn, Holy Prism
Does Not Give Stacks: Seal of Insight, Sacred Shield


Does Give Stacks: Renew, Circle of Healing, Cascade, Prayer of Mending
Does Not Give Stacks: Atonement


Does Give Stacks: Riptide placed on tank while tanking add, Healing Wave, Greater Healing Wave, Healing Surge, Healing Rain (1 stack)
Does Not Give Stacks: Riptide ticking on tank before add is picked up, Earth Shield

Hand of Purity hotfix makes heroic Throne of Thunder harder

Tuesday’s hotfix of Hand of Purity left many scratching their heads over the unusual wording of the hotfix. Not surprise, it was hotfixed to prevent raids from stacking pallies to make some heroic mechanics a joke in Throne of Thunder.

Hand of Purity no longer reduces the damage dealt by effects that ignore immunities.

One use was to chain cast Hand of Purity on those affected by Frostbite on heroic Council of Elders (click here for the Council Healing Guide). It was also be size some progression guilds were using HOP for Ignite Flesh on heroic Magaera (click here for Magaera Healing Guide).

There have been some great uses of hand of purity, most notably wind step on heroic Blade Lord in Heart of Fear. It is unknown if it is still usable on heroic 5.0 raids or not yet, since the changes are so new.

The state of healing in World of Warcraft Patch 5.2 Throne of Thunder


We’ve had two full days of raiding in 5.2 and all the new bosses in Throne of Thunder, and things are either looking great or downright horrible, depending on which healing class you roll with, or the class you happen to have your raid stacked with.  Here is how things are looking at the moment, based on class feedback and world of logs data, which just finally updated ranking information.  It is worth noting that many top end guilds (though not all) are hiding their logs or running mixed groups of alts/mains to maximize gear and there are some bugged logs from PTR which should be removed soon.


Holy Paladins are sitting pretty.  Right now, they dominate the World of Logs with ranks for every fight in Throne of Thunder, and seems very little has changed regarding overall output.

Pally healing seems a bit more mana intensive so far in ToT, so don’t be surprised if you are swapping out some of your mixed gems for straight spirit to compensate for it.  And make sure you are calling for innervates, mana tides, using mana pots and pleaing, and pallies should expect to see themselves at or near the top of the meters along with disc priests.


Disc priests are the other healing class that completely dominate world of log rankings.  For all the disc priests who QQ’s over the patch notes, clearly their output has not been affected to any great extend at all, but with disc still able to go to town with absorbs “healing” before most other healing classes can heal it themselves, it would have taken a pretty huge nerf to disc to not see them at the top of the meters.

There were a lot of changes made to holy to make it much more attractive to priests, it has been the spec pretty much ignored this entire expansion thus far.  Unfortunately, it seems only the die hard holy priests are using it, not many discs are trying it out yet.

There still isn’t much data if there is another fight like Tsulong in ToT where discs had to respec to holy in order to heal Tsulong, although that did give discs some foundation at holy to be able to play around with it more in 5.2.

And a quick note to holy priests, Guardian Spirit is currently bugged in 5.2 and isn’t always working (“Guardian Spirit sometimes does not proc its heal and lifesaving effect.”)


What happened to the mistweaver monks?  Following true to fashion, the new Pandaria class has been significantly nerfed both in throughput and overall AOE healing.  Fistweaving seems to be the playstyle Blizzard is steering monks, where mistweavers should be doing about 50% healing and 50% dps mix.  So mistweavers who have ignored fistweaving thus far because they want to be fulltime healers are having to completely change their playstyle.  But even with the 50/50 healing/dps split, monks should find themselves near the top of healing meters, and somewhere above the tanks on dps, as it stands right now.

And monks who have been bragging about their mana regen in 5.0 and 5.1 are suddenly going to have to start watching their mana efficiency, especially while fistweaving, and glyphed mana tea will likely become mandatory.

Monks still are lacking a significant raid cooldown, outside revival (which cannot be used on all fights in ToT) and life cocoon, and with fistweaving being where Blizzard wants them to be, it would seem that it is the tradeoff for a better raid CD.

There are some monks here and there in the World of Logs rankings, but definitely not to the extent we have seen them previously.


Say hello to rejuv spamming!  The changes to rejuv make it a rediculously cheap heal (although some are speculating it could be nerfed) to blanket the raid with, and then those overheals get put into mushrooms for a nice raid CD.  However, this playstyle will get pretty boring quickly, unless you just want to mindlessly spam rejuv while watching YouTube in your other screen.

Naturalist (Passive) saw all of druid’s healing increased by a flat 10% and it has made them perform better as well, and the results from logs are showing their increased healing.

Make sure you are remembering to use your new wild mushrooms from overhealing, there are some impressive numbers showing up from the mushrooms for those who are remembering to do them and tracking the capacity of the shrooms from overheals.

More on Resto Druid Changes on: Restokin


Ouch, what a fall shamans have taken since the glory days of the first month or two of Mists of Pandaria when stacked raids and healing rain where king.  Shamans just didn’t scale very well with better ilevel gear compared to other healers in 5.0 and 5.1, and slowly saw their effectiveness drop the further into T14 they got.  And 5.2 has not been kind to resto shamans for a couple reasons.

First, it seems nearly every single fight is a “stay spread and move out of bad”, which is definitely not a shamans forte in their healing toolset.  Very few fights seem to have a “stack up and raid heal through damage” mechanism to them, which is unfortunate because so much of resto shaman output healing is unleashed empowered healing rain.  It almost needs an option for a glyphed healing rain where the size of the rain is larger, but it caps out at X number of heals per tick.  Secondly, so much moving with only a single instacast (riptide) and Spiritwalker’s Grace having a long CD and short duration makes healing difficult as well.

Not surprisingly, there are very, very few shamans ranking, and most seemed to be fights that were underhealed or other healers died early.  Fortunately for resto shamans, they still bring pretty powerful cooldowns to raid which will hopefully keep raid leaders bringing them, even if overall output is significantly lower.  Healing tide is the strongest “omg, this damage is going to hit the entire raid hard” CD of all the healers, and healers love mana tide so they can best it up more.

More on resto shaman changes: Life in Group 5


We are only two days into the patch but it appears that disc priests will continue to dominate the rankings in Throne of Thunder along with holy pallies, with resto shamans at the bottom of the heap.  Do keep in mind that Blizzard is continuing to hotfix – both buffs and nerfs – so I can imagine we will continue to see changes over the next week or two once they have more significant live data to look at.  So before you /wrists and reroll your beloved resto shaman into a disc priest or pally, wait and see how things shake out over the next week or two, and I will update the state of healing in 5.2 after that.


Why Monk Revival needs a glyph to remove dispels for Primordius

Be warned if you have any mistweaver monks in your raid when you work on Primordius.  One of the mechanics is you get good buffs but if any mistweave monks pop revival for a healing cooldown, its AOE dispel mechanism removes the good buffs along with any bad buffs, which obviously is not good for this fight.

This has happened since PTR, which brought about much discussion for bringing a monk glyph which would remove the dispelling part of revival, but nothing went live, nor does it seem that they have fixed Primordius to allow the use of revival without it removing good buffs.

The March 7th hotfixes included:

The Mistweaver ability Revival will no longer dispel players who have any of the following effects:
                Primordius: Clear Mind, Fully Mutated, Improved Synapses, and Thick Bones
                Durumu: Dark Parasite
                Jin’rokh the Breaker: Ionization

All the monks can breath a sigh of relief :)