Healing Primordius

Welcome to yet another fight with tricky dispels.

It is important to note that when you dispel a player, it will dispell all buffs and debuffs, including all the helpful ones.

Because there were so many negative and positive buffs, and sometimes even if a player had a negative debuff, the positive buffs outweighed the bad, we had raiders call if they wanted a dispel, then the healers would dispel.

Healers should let dps get the red puddles first, healing isn’t all that intensive until towards the end of the fight, and you don’t want to take a good buff from a dps who is trying to burn the boss.  Or healers can make a point of running and grabbing a red puddle that is off on the edge that no one is going for.  But healers should never fight a dps for a puddle, if a healer can get one, it is more of a perk.  However, healers can team up to take down an add themselves for the buff.

Monks can use revival on this fight now (using it used to dispel everyone’s good buffs).

There has been a major hotfix to correct an issue that allowed some classes to dispel the negative bugs without causing the positive ones to be removed as well.  The hotfix prevents warlocks (with Sear Magic and Singe Magic via Fel Imp) and Priests (Mass Dispel) from being able to remove the bad buffs while leaving the good.

Notes for Heroic:

This fight was hotfixed on heroic to account for guilds that were simply burning the boss without following the transform mechanics.

Due to the nature of this fight, healers should always get their buffs after the DPS, you want to have the DPS have as much uptime on the boss as possible, and healers shouldn’t “ninja” buffs before DPS.  Some raids strictly state no healers should ever get buffs so that DPS can transform for the second time much quicker.

Recommended number of healers:
25M Heroic – 6-7 healers
10M Heroic – 2-3 healers
25M Normal – 6-7 healers
10M Normal – 3 healers

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