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I have been a healer since Wrath of the Lich King (yes, I am a Lich baby, although that kind of seems a bit ridiculous two expansions later).  In previous guilds, I have been that healer behind the scenes that researches strats and organizes healers so we can keep the raid healed through huge AOE burst damage, as well as saving those bads who go out of their way to find fire to stand in (why do mages and warlocks love to find any kind of bad they can stand in and expect me to heal them up?!)

My main has always been a healer, sprinkled with some very limited (thankfully) fights where I had to dps for comp issues (yes, Sons of Flame, I’m looking at you!)

HealerCDs started because I was collecting strats from all kinds of obscure or veiled references for heroic progression fights, and sharing them with my fellow healers and raid leaders seemed like a good idea… and hopefully some of you will contribute your own tips, videos and blog posts to grow the resource.

I am currently raiding in a top 30 US 25M guild, with a collection of other healers I bomb around in LFR and Flex in.  I also raided regularly in 10m heroic guild on my healer alt last tier, so I am experienced healing both 10s and 25s, however with the introduction of Mythic, having that experience won’t be as important!  I am not a healing officer, although in my previous guild (the guild I was in when HealerCDs came about) I was the healer in raid who was doing all the herding to make sure the healers do what they should, when they should, with gentle reminders (okay, sometimes not too gentle) to do it right :)  In other words, I was the one who reminded you to Tranq, Devo, Revival, Tide, Bubble while you were busy tunneling and sniping heals :)

In real life I am a writer/journalist (yes, I get paid to write), social media & content marketing expert.  I also get to travel for work several times a year speaking at tech conferences.  And yeah, I’d love to work at Blizzard one day… I mean, what healer wouldn’t 😛


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  1. Lewis says:


    Your Page Is AMAZING! and has been a great help to me and a few friends… Thanks for all the hard work!

  2. Ðann says:

    Fantastic help to a fellow healing leader in raids, keep this forum going forever <3 please and thank you.

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