Healing Megaera Heroic & Normal

3 or 4 heads are better than one?

Whenever Megaera loses one of her heads (yes, it is a she!) she will cast Rampage, which is a huge AOE damage to the entire raid every second, and as each subsequent head is cut off, Rampage damage is increased by 25%.  You will want to have a set stack point (or more ideally, a set raider marked that people can stack on, so it can be adjusted based on bad AOE on the ground on the fly) and when Rampage occurs, the entire raid stacks up, pump out AOE heals, use barrier and spirit link and use raid/healing CDs to survive it.

Those with Cinders will need a bit of TLC when they run to drop off the debuff.

You want to make sure those with Torrent of Ice are running over the fire patches on the ground to remove them, otherwise you will quickly use up a large portion of the room that cannot be used for stacking during Rampage and making stacking up a lot more awkward.

Notes for Heroic:

Designate three stack points for rampage, the stack points should be behind the head you are going to kill next so DPS can continue to DPS.  This is truly a healer CD fight,

If you have warlocks, set up warlock portals to run the beam out of the group.  The portals should be set back from the raid, and range should stack behind the portals, so they don’t clutter up the area behind melee with ice and cinders.

Place the other end of the portals quite a way back (this will also mean clearing the trash at the back).  When a person is targeted with ice, they should immediately click the portal, then start running back.  You have a timer, so ensure you don’t reach the ice line running back before it is off you.  Sometimes you will get someone running out for ice right when a rampage occurs, so your priests should be aware they may need to life grip someone back into the stack point for healing.  If not, only those players with very strong CDs will survive otherwise.

The arcane adds that spawn from the arcane head can cause players to be stunned.  The arcane adds should ideally be tanked/killed between the range and melee, as you don’t want raiders being stunned right when they need to move for cinders or ice.

Note: Using Hand of Purity for Ignite Flesh was hotfixed March 19th.

Recommended number of healers:
25M Heroic – 6 healers
10M Heroic – 2-3 healers
25M Normal – 6-7 healers
10M Normal – 3 healers

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2 Responses to Magaera

  1. Marliqt says:

    We 7 healed this fight, we could probably drop that number down to 6 if DPS didn’t insist on running frost all over the main area and if one of our healers actually looked to see where the cinders person was before dispelling. In other news, probably looking for a new pally LOL.

    • admin says:

      Hopefully they will get better the more they see the fight, we had some issues in our raid as well, such as the melee who ran out about 5y out with cinders and waited there patiently for a dispel, while we were all yelling at him to run to the edge. I have visions of this being like dropping fire on melee on Feng in LFR.

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