Healing Horridon Heroic & Normal

Healers should be prepared for quick and dirty heals when raid members take burst damage from avoidable damage, depending on how good (or not) your raid is at not standing in bad.

He has a damage cone from both the front and the back, so try and have healers on both sides to ensure range of raid, particularly when moving to another door.

For an in-depth look at the specifics for dispelling on Heroic & Normal Horridon, see Dispelling on Horridon.  But here is the quick and dirty version.

There is Venom Bolt Volley which is a poison effect on the second door, which should be dispelled.

Healers who can dispel poisons: Druids, Paladins and Monks.

This fight has a major dispelling component with the third door, all your healers who can dispel diseases should be aware and ready to dispel Deadly Plague, as it last for 5 minutes.  Your non-disease dispelling healers will be doing the majority of the healing as the rest of the healers are focused on dispelling on cooldown.

Healers who can dispel diseases: Priests & Paladins; Mistweavers via Revival

You have a few more options to increase the dispelling capability in your particular raid.  Resto druids can symbios holy paladins in order to gain Cleanse and help with dispels.  You can also use mistweaver’s revival to dispel, however the 3 minute cooldown is a bit more awkward and should be saved for after all poison is out, and they have detox available.

Hero is generally used on door 3, which will help with catch up healing in between dispelling.  Death Knights can pop army during this phase, preferably after hero is done or when it is nearing the end, in order to help healers manage the dispelling.  Earth Elementals can also soak up poison targets as well.

Don’t forget those with immunities can self-dispel, such as mages with ice block and greater invisibility.

Final phase is a simple stack up, AOE heal and blow CDs, as Horridon enrages at this point with 100% more damage and 50% quicker attacks.

Priests should use the Body & Soul talent to give tanks (or anyone else who derps during cone attacks) a bit more mobility.

Notes for Heroic:

Another aspect of this fight that is a pain for healers is the Direhorn Spirit, AKA Pink Dinos.  These will fixate on a player and remain fixated on that player for the entire fight.  Only one spell is needed to knock the Direhorn Spirit back, but it will require healers to be aware of where the dino is at all times, and be prepared to knock it back – it WILL kill you if it hits you.

Fortunately, only the targeted player can interact with the dino, so you can make an easy macro to deal with it, which will make it easier – and less chance to screw up – the knockbacks due to mistargeting.

/target Direhorn Spirit

After the enrage, you can kite the boss while continuing to DPS him.  When he does the enrage Dire Call, pop immunities to survive and continue DPS.  You can burn 12% (or possibly higher) using this.

Ensure your raid stays spread while shamans are casting Chain Lightning on the raid.  If it is chained, it will kill the first jump, and usually the subsequent jumps.

Lightning Nova Totems are dropped by Amani’shi Beast Shamans while they are atop the Warbears.  You can have someone kite the warbears (who also cleave) and get the totems dropped out of the way of the raid.  If they get dropped in melee, it is 400k damage every 3 seconds to the melee group if they can’t move out in time – sometimes totems can be dropped underneath the boss which makes them harder to see/avoid for melee.

Monks can use Ring of Peace to silence the Garubashi Venom Lords and can also use it to disarm the warlords (priests, rogues and warriors can also disarm these warlords).

Priests can spirit shell for every Dire Call.

Paladins can BoP Triple Puncture from the tank during charge.

Ensure the raid isn’t taking too much avoidable damage from the frost orbs.

Dispels cannot be cheesed or dispelled at a more leisurely rate as you can on normal mode.

This fight is the first heroic gear check fight.  If you are struggling with Horridon, you might want to bypass this boss for heroic Tortos instead, and come back to it with a week’s worth of gear upgrades from the clear.

Recommended number of healers:
25M Heroic – 5-6 healers
10M Heroic – 2 healers
25M Normal – 6 healers
10M Normal – 2-3 healers (depending on dispelling capabilities in raid)

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Have more links we should include?  Comments on the number of healers or specific comps?  Just comment below so we can add it.

Apr 4, 2013: Added Direhorn Spirit info & macro; lightning nova totem info; disarm info

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