Mistweaver Monk Revival no longer dispels Matter Swap

If you have killed or are working on heroic Dark Animus, one of the most useful raid cooldowns, Mistweaver’s Revival, is pretty much a death sentence to anyone who has Matter Swap when the monk pops it.  So monks either would have to time it extremely carefully, or would have to assassinate one of their fellow raiders with the dispel portion of Revival for the greater good of keeping the rest of the raid alive after a bad Interrupting Jolt.

Good news for Mistweavers and raid leaders, the June 4th hotfixes finally included a change that sees Revival no longer dispelling Matter Swap.

Monk’s Revival ability will no longer dispel the Matter Swap debuff.

I only wish this happened while we were working on this boss for progression!  Blizzard also made a change where players will no longer get multiple Matter Swap debuffs together.

Players should no longer get multiple Matter Swap debuffs at once

If you have worked on heroic Dark Animus, you are probably familiar with the bad RNG death sentence of a single player being targeted with multiple Matter Swaps at once.  Fortunately, Blizzard has finally corrected this, and the Massive Anima Golems shouldn’t give multiple debuffs to the same player.

Massive Anima Golems will no longer target the same player with multiple Matter Swap debuffs.

With this change, and the hotfix where Revival no longer dispels Matter Swap, this very intense fight just became a bit easier for guilds tackling this boss soon.