Clearcasting proc no longer gets overwritten with Courageous Primal Diamond

The issue Druids were having with their Clearcasting proc from the Courageous Primal Diamond being overwritten by their Omen of Clarity proc also named Clearcasting has been corrected.

Courageous Primal Diamond should no longer have its Clearcasting effect get overwritten incorrectly, and the Clearcasting effect should no longer activate if the character is not in combat.

The unfortunate part about this hotfix is that it also prevents healers from testing out weak auras, rotations etc while not in combat.  If you are looking for a non-annoying place to test in combat, try the Pools of Purity area on top, the small mobs there don’t hit hard with very little pushback, but they won’t insta-die like critters when they attack you.

For more on the Courageous Primal Diamond, see  Healer legendary meta gem Courageous Primal Diamond proc rates

Primordius hotfix targets dispels that do not remove positive buffs

Primordius dispels are a tricky task – you want to be careful you aren’t dispelling away positive effects when they are stronger than the negative effects or offset each other, because when you dispel, you dispel all positive and negative effects.  (Read our Primordius Healer Raid Guide here)

However, raids had discovered a few tricks to make dispelling much easier, by utilizing dispels that only dispelled the negative while leaving the positive.  But Blizzard caught on and issued a hotfix that will prevent warlocks (with Sear Magic and Singe Magic via Fel Imp) and Priests (Mass Dispel) from being able to do this.

During the Primordius encounter, spells which dispel a single harmful effect (Sear Magic, Single Magic, or Mass Dispel) will no longer work if any of the positive effects are active on the target (Improved Synapses, Keen Eyesight, Thick Bones, Clear Mind, or Fully Mutated).

Dispelling on this fight is pretty easy, with raiders simply calling out for single target dispels when negative buffs outweighed the positive ones.  It saves healers from having to try and guess who needs dispelling… however it won’t prevent those people from being annoying by dispelling helpful effects of fellow raiders they want to piss off.

Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon hotfix no longer activates above level 69

Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon has been a healer’s secret weapon for 3 expansions since it was originally released in World of Warcraft Classic (yes, that long ago, back in patch 1.11.1).   And it has been the latest old school item to get hit with the Blizzard nerf bat.

Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon now has a reduced chance to activate its effect for characters that are level 61-69 and its effect no longer activates for characters above level 69.

During Wrath it was a Best in Slot trinket for some fights. Right before Cataclysm released (when Blizzard made the first significant mana changes for healers) healers began dusting off their old Blue Dragon cards as a mana regen trinket until they got something better – in fact, they were going for tens of thousands of gold on servers for those who didn’t already have one. Even when Pandaria released, healers were using it to level 85-90 if they didn’t have healing trinkets from Dragon Soul or Firelands to carry them while dungeoning. And it was considered a very viable option for those with level 80 healers doing Herald of the Titans runs.

But The Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon card has now seen it’s last useful days for those who have kept it (and other older trinkets) in their bank or bvoid storage. Blizzard has officially nerfed it in the last hotfix.

It isn’t clear what spell healers were using to exploit the level 60 trinket (although one wowhead commenter said it still had a 20-25% uptime in raid), but it was likely because it made a heroic ToT fight significantly easier than it should be, as it has been a known advantage for two expansions now. The change will also affect anyone doing Herald of the Titans runs with this trinket, which is unfortunate, as it was a great healing trinket for Herald toons with unlucky RNG or who were unable to obtain a Darkmoon Greatness card.

Inscribed Bag of Hydra-Spawn buffed in hotfix

Another one of the Throne of Thunder healing trinkets has been buffed in the April 2, 2013 hotfixes.

Inscribed Bag of Hydra-Spawn now has an increased chance to activate its shielding effect.

Of course, like the Lightning-Imbued Chalice buff, Blizzard isn’t revealing exactly what the increased chance of the shield activation is, meaning healers will once again need to theorycraft and troll through World of Logs to determine the new increased chance is.

The last two weeks we have seen two healing trinkets buffed, so it is likely we could see more trinket buffing in the coming weeks.

At this rate, I recommend that healers should take a shot at getting any of the resto trinkets this tier, and see how it all shakes out, particularly if they are heroic or Thunderforged trinkets.

Expect new data to come out about this trinket over the next few days as being hit regular and heroic raids with this trinket.

For more on this trinket, see the HealersCDs Guide to Inscribed Bag of Hydra-Spawn

Lightning-Imbued Chalice healing trinket buffed

Healers keeping track of trinkets with spreadsheet calculations will need to update once more, because the Lightning-Imbued Chalice has been buffed again.

Lightning-Imbued Chalice now has a greatly increased chance to generate Infinite Power.

It is unclear how much the “greatly increased chance” is, but reports from healers with this trinket found this was underwhelming and underperforming, despite it being the only healing trinket that increases the proc heal with the amount of spellpower the healer has.

“Restoration of the Infinite” is the proc this trinket produces, and the proc can crit, so if you know anyone with the trinket, it is worth checking logs from the last day or two to see what kind of output it is producing.

Note: Inscribed Bag of Hydra-Spawn has now been buffed as well.

For more on this trinket, see the HealersCDs Guide to Lightning-Imbued Chalice

Mistweaver Monk T15 2pc bonus “nerfed” with bug fix

You can hear all the mistweaver monks with their shiny new 2pc bonus crying into their mana tea with this bug hotfix.

Fixed a situation where Tier-15 Mistweaver Monk 2-piece set bonus could cause Renewing Mist to heal more than intended.

This is the second hotfix to the 2pc bonus – the original from March 19th was “Tier-15 Mistweaver 2-piece set bonus should now increase the healing of Renewing Mist by the correct amount.”

The issue with the two piece bonus and Thunder Focus Tea (TFT) bonus refresh.

The T15 pcs bonus for MW is “Your Renewing Mist heals for 15% more each time it travels to a new target.” and added with TFT’s “You receive a jolt of energy, doubling the healing done by your next Surging Mist or causing your next Uplift to refresh the duration of your Renewing Mists on all targets. Lasts for 30 sec.” was causing a lot of extra healing that was speculated wasn’t quite working as intended, since the 2pc bonus seemed very overpowered.  The TFT refresh was causing all renewing mist heals to refresh as 132% of the healing, instead of jumping by the correct amount as indicated by the bonus of increasing each jump by 15%.

In simpler terms, here is how nukethetuna in the Elitist Jerks thread explains it in their Mistweaver thread:

Correct. Of note is that using Thunder Focus Tea with Uplift counts as a “jump” when it reapplies Renewing Mists to all targets. This was unchanged in the hotfix, so our 2pc and 4pc do share some synergy.

So with the 2pc the possible healing on ReM is:
Initial cast: 100%
Second target: 115%
Third target: 132.25%
Third target + TFT -> Uplift: 152.08%

TFT -> Uplifting will bump each target up a “tier”, per say.

So appears that it might finally be fixed correctly, but we should expect some more feedback to come out about it over the next few days.

There is also more discussion at MMO-Champion.

Resto shamans buffed 20% on rain, chain and earthliving

There have been a lot of complaints about how resto shaman are incredibly weak this tier compared to other healing classes.  For a class whose healing excels in “stack up and don’t move” raid scenarios, Throne of Thunder is just about as opposite to any kind of stacking up and stand still scenarios as you can get.

However, thankfully Ghostcrawler was listening, and shamans got a buff to their healing rain, chain heal and earthliving by 20%.

The only downside is that Blizzard has given a buff to the healing spells shamans use while the raid is stacked up, namely chain heal and healing rain.  However earthliving buffed by 20% is pretty significant.  It would have been nice to see something a bif more useful for single target or spread out healing, something like an increased jump for chain heal (without the glyph), the chance for a chain heal to bounce back to a previously healed target if they are still the lowest health in range, or even an increased healing rain radius.

It will take a couple of days for us to see if there are any marked inmprovement in the number of resto shamans brought into heroic progression raids (especially since we saw a quite steep jump off from the number of resto shamans in normal mode versus heroic mode).

Hand of Purity hotfix makes heroic Throne of Thunder harder

Tuesday’s hotfix of Hand of Purity left many scratching their heads over the unusual wording of the hotfix. Not surprise, it was hotfixed to prevent raids from stacking pallies to make some heroic mechanics a joke in Throne of Thunder.

Hand of Purity no longer reduces the damage dealt by effects that ignore immunities.

One use was to chain cast Hand of Purity on those affected by Frostbite on heroic Council of Elders (click here for the Council Healing Guide). It was also be size some progression guilds were using HOP for Ignite Flesh on heroic Magaera (click here for Magaera Healing Guide).

There have been some great uses of hand of purity, most notably wind step on heroic Blade Lord in Heart of Fear. It is unknown if it is still usable on heroic 5.0 raids or not yet, since the changes are so new.

Luumis has updated 5.2 healer evaluations

There is a great post on healer evaluations in 5.2 by Luumis (now with Exodus, formerly of Vodka) after the first week of Throne of Thunder raiding.  You might remember his pre-Mists evaluation from the PTR, and it turned out to be pretty accurate, and the new 5.2 evaluations are pretty accurate in my opinion.

It is about time for me to give you my thoughts on the status of healers as of the current build on live servers. When you read this ranking/evaluation, please keep in mind that I have been limited to only 25 man normals so far with limited 25 heroic testing. I have seen what the boss mechanics are like and so can get a pretty good idea of what to expect. When I go over each class, I’ll talk about how each healing class will fare with current gear and with the next tier. In most top progression guilds, healers aren’t given gear since gear on dps has a greater impact. As healers, we’re expected to make due with what we have at the start of progression including friendly/honored reputation valor items and the gear we got from the previous tier.

How does he rank them?  Exactly how I would have ranked them!  He gives top spot to Holy Paladins, then Priests, Mistweaver Monks, Resto Druids, then Resto Shamans bringing up the rear.

I always find it interesting that gear is always steered towards the DPS in top progression guilds, but when you consider how long they have the previous tier on farm for, there would be little reason that healers wouldn’t be storming into 5.2 with full heroic BIS from T14.  But then of course, you wouldn’t have the problems lower end guilds face when they don’t have the previous 16 bosses on farm and where raiders might be less dedicated to capping valor.

Resto Shaman parses for Throne of Thunder significantly lower than other healing classes

The first analysis of Throne of Thunder by Raidbots is out, and if you are a resto shaman, they are pretty damn depressing.  I suspected resto shamans would perform poorly due to the lack of stacking and the immense movement required in Throne of Thunder, and looks like my suspicions were correct.

Nearly every single fight, in both 10M and 25M, resto shamans are lagging significantly behind every other healer.  Not only that, the only fights they aren’t last, they are second to last (rising to 4th out of 6 healing classes on a single fight in 10N), and still well below the pack.  So low in fact, that I suspect 25M raids currently running 2 shamans will cut back to a single shaman, and 10M raids might drop their resto shamans all together, in favor of a better healing output class.

Just how bad are things?  You can click through to the graphs if you want to be shocked by the dismal performance, but here are the average HPS so far for both 10M and 25M. These are all normal modes.  All numbers were rounded to the nearest 1,000 HPS and ties were determined if they were less than 1,000 HPS apart.

Note: Not many top progression guilds are uploading their logs to World of Logs as of yet, but the guilds clearing ToT are generally upper end raiding guilds logging their raids, particularly for the later boss fights in the instance.

Jin’rokh the Breaker
25N Parses – Shamans are 5th ahead of Restro Druids (10k HPS behind leader Holy Pally)
10N Parses – Shamans are tied for last with Holy Priests (21k HPS behind leader Holy Pally)

25N Parses – Shamans are last (11k HPS behind leader Disc Priest)
10N Parses – Shamans are 5th ahead of Holy Priests (21k HPS behind leader Disc Priest)

Council of Elders
25N Parses – Shamans are last (14k behind leader Holy Pally)
10N Parses – Shamans are 5th ahead of Holy Priests (17k HPS behind leader Disc Priest)

25N Parses – Shamans are last (18k HPS behind leader Disc Priest)
10N Parses – Shamans are last (23k HPS behind leader Disc Priest)

25N Parses – Shamans are last (18k HPS behind leader Holy Pally)
10N Parses – Shamans are 5th (26k HPS behind leader Holy Pally)

25N Parses – Shamans are tied for last with Mistweavers (11k HPS behind leader Holy Priest)
10N Parses – Shamans are 4th (18k behind leader Holy Pally)

Durumu the Forgotten
25N Parses – Shamans are last (15k HPS behind leader Holy Priest)
10N Parses – Shamans are tied for last with Mistweavers (15k HPS behind leader Disc Priest)

25N Parses – Shamans are last (18k HPS behind leader Holy Pally)
10N Parses – Shamans are last (18k HPS behind leader Holy Pally)

Dark Animus
25N Parses – Shamans are last (13k HPS behind leader Disc Priest)
10N Parses – Shamans are last (16k HPS behind leader Holy Pally)

Iron Qon
25N Parses – Shamans are last (16k HPS behind leader Holy Priest)
10N Parses – Shamans are last (13k HPS behind leader Disc Priest)

Twin Consorts
25N Parses – Shamans are last (24k HPS behind leader Holy Priest)
10N Parses – Shamans are last (24k HPS behind leader Holy Priest)

Lei Shen
25N Parses – Shamans are last (20k HPS behind leader Holy Priest)
10N Parses – Shamans are last (25k HPS behind leader Holy Priest)

The ugly recap?  Shamans were the worst performing of all healing classes on 11 out of 12 fights on 25M and were the worst performing on 8 out of 12 fights on 10M.   Ouch.

Even Ji-Kun, where shamans should theoretically show off due to all the stacking, they still performed poorly, although they did manage to climb to 4th out of 6 healing classes on the 10N version of the fight.

Fortunately, shamans still bring their mana tides, spirit links, healing tide and storm lash.  So they still have utility as a claim to fame.  But you have to wonder how long raid leaders will be happy with utility over raw output, especially when pushing heroics.

That said, there are also some amazing resto shamans who can push out amazing numbers, in spite of this showing lower HPS but it does make you wonder if any of them are stacking and healing through damage to get the increased HPS as opposed to spreading and moving constantly.

There are some who are crossing their fingers that Blizzard will also see Shamans buffed.  You may remember in Cataclysm that Blizzard buffed Shamans’s Purification via a hotfix, their healing passive that buffed all healing done from 10% to 25%, because they felt shaman healing was lagging too far behind other classes.  Unfortunately, it took Blizzard over two months after the Cataclysm launch to buff their heals.  And in this case, we are well into the Mists of Pandaria expansion, so it might not be as likely shamans would get an overall buff on healing.  But clearly, something needs to be done or we will see fewer resto shamans competitively raiding.

Update: Blizzard buffed Resto Shaman’s Healing Rain, Chain Heal and Earthliving by 20%.