Clearcasting proc no longer gets overwritten with Courageous Primal Diamond

The issue Druids were having with their Clearcasting proc from the Courageous Primal Diamond being overwritten by their Omen of Clarity proc also named Clearcasting has been corrected.

Courageous Primal Diamond should no longer have its Clearcasting effect get overwritten incorrectly, and the Clearcasting effect should no longer activate if the character is not in combat.

The unfortunate part about this hotfix is that it also prevents healers from testing out weak auras, rotations etc while not in combat.  If you are looking for a non-annoying place to test in combat, try the Pools of Purity area on top, the small mobs there don’t hit hard with very little pushback, but they won’t insta-die like critters when they attack you.

For more on the Courageous Primal Diamond, see  Healer legendary meta gem Courageous Primal Diamond proc rates

Weak aura to track when Courageous Primal Diamond Meta Gem procs

Here is a simple Weak Aura to show you when your Courageous Primal Diamond has proc’d.  You can change the animation, image and placement once you import it into your Weak Auras.  (More info on the new legendary meta gem and each class here)

Addon to track mana saved with Courageous Primal Diamond

If you have been lucky enough to finish gathering your 20 secrets and obtain a Courageous Primal Diamond (click here for the full rundown on the Courageous Primal Diamond with ntoes for each healer class) there is a new addon that shows exactly how much mana you saved using the new legendary meta gem.

The addon is called LMGEffective, which will track your mana savings while in combat, then print out the total mana saved after combat is exited.  It is currently on CurseForge only, but I imagine it will eventually be added to

Download LMGEffective here.

Healer legendary meta gem Courageous Primal Diamond proc rates

Now that Stage 5 of the Isle of Thunder is available and people have now been able to kill the new world boss Nalak, we are starting to see some data coming from the new healer legendary meta gem.

First, the new Courageous Primal Diamond, the healer meta gem from the legendary questline, is one of the RPPM (Real PPM) procs.  It has no ICD (internal proc rate) and has a 1.40 RealPPM on a beneficial spell.

The proc itself is called Clearcasting Trigger (spell ID # 137248 for those making a weak aura for it) – Chance on casting a helpful spell to make your spells cost no mana for 4 seconds.

The biggest problem with this meta gem is that the 4 second proc is very short in practice.  Chances are extremely high that you will be moving or mid-cast when it first procs, meaning you likely can only get off one or two mana-intensive heals off before it expires.  It does make a proc sound, and you can also use weak auras to track it – and you might want to start with an annoying sound for procs until you get used to reacting to the proc.

Passive heals do not seem to make the meta gem proc.  You do need to have a 502 ilevel or higher helm, although there are reports that those with helms from T14 that are upgraded above 502 cannot be used with the new meta, it is only for helms added in 5.2.

If you need to buy a new legendary meta gem, either for offspec or for a new healing helm, you can purchase one from the Blacktalon Quartermaster in the Tavern in the Mists (Veiled Stairs) for the cost of 5 Primal Diamonds – if you have been wondering why the cost of Primal Diamonds shot up on the auction house, this is why.

Oh, and this meta gem procs when you drop a guild bank and swap talents… and I am sure many other “helpful” spells :)

You can track the proc with this weak aura. And there is also an addon that tracks the amount of saved mana while in combat.

Here is information on the new meta gem for each healing class.

For Priests, it is worth noting that the legendary meta gem does NOT proc from Smite or Holy Fire, however it does proc on Penance (with Atonement, Penance Atonement is procing while Smite and HF Atonement is not).  So those healing through Atonement will need to make sure they are including Penance in their rotation in order to benefit from the meta.  It is currently procing on spells such as Levitate and Power Word: Fortitude.

Due to Atonement, however, some disc are debating over the Courageous Primal Diamond versus the Sinister Primal Diamond (proc is called Tempus Repit).  Will update when more data is out from discs trialing both options.

It only procs from direct casts, so it will not proc off of healing stream totem ticks, riptide ticks, or healing rain ticks.  Earth Shield procs will not proc meta either.  However, because Shamans lack quick spammable 1GCD spells, there could be more benefits to prioritizing haste in order to be able to take better advantage of the 4 seconds of mana-free heals.  Puupi (raids in heroic 10M guild Gifu) on MMO-Champion has a great post about better utilizing haste with close to 1GCD spells with the meta.  (Shamans should real the entire thread, very interesting).

Uptime for Shamans is about 10%, with regen of about 3200 mp5, according to Tiberria from Incarnate in this thread, who states this is an extremely strong regen gem, equivelant to 2 resto shamans dropping mana tide on CD with 15,000 spirit.  It procs of Earthliving.

Unfortunately for druids, it can be difficult to track the meta gem proc versus the Omen of Clarity proc which is also Clearcasting.  And worse, the procs will overwrite each other, meaning druids will currently get a lot less benefits from this meta gem unless the spell is renamed or Blizzard corrects the spell interaction.  Bug report here.  UPDATE: This has now been hotfixed.

On the PTR, the name has been changed to Lucidity (as someone noted in the bug report it was supposed to be named), however there could still be issues prior to the 5.3 patch being released unless they are able to hotfix it.

Eminence will not proc the meta gem.  There was a bug using the meta with Surging Mists glyphed, which appears to be hotfixed.

Some discussion over whether this meta is worth using or not, due to the timing of the mana-intensive healing spells not lining up with the 4 second proc.  MMO-Champion thread here.  Not a lot of data from pallies yet, will update as more info is available.