What spells cause Corrupted Healing stacks on Twin Consorts

Remember the good old days of Yor’sahj and managing the healing stacks of Deep Corruption so you didn’t blow up the raid?  Welcome to Deep Corruption 2.0, also known as Corrupted Healing courtesy of the Twin Consorts encounter.

When you have one of the tanks on the side tanking one of the adds called Beasts of Nightmares, most heals that you put on the tank will result in the caster gaining a stack of Corrupted Healing.  One or two stacks isn’t a big deal, but ramp that up to 6-8, and it becomes a bigger issue.  And add heroic, suddenly that 10k a tick per stack jumps to 30k a tick per stack  Couple that with the fact some odd spells are causing healers – and some DPS – to gain stacks, it definitely requires some management and knowing what does and does not cause stacks.

Hots pre-cast on the tank prior to that tank picking up the add seem to be fine.

Also, Hand of Purity will remove Corrupted Healing debuff (however there are conflicting reports over whether the casting Paladin will then get a stack) and moving the boss as far away from the raid as possible will prevent inadvertant bounce heals, such as Chi Wave, from increasing stacks on raiders.

Here is a list of what we know causes stacks, and some notes about some heals that do not cause stacks (I will continue to update this list, please post with additions).


Does Give Stacks: Rejuvenation, Regrowth, Wild Growth, Swiftmend (including near the tank)
Does Not Give Stacks: Cenarian Ward


Does Give Stacks: Uplift, Soothing Mist (both direct and statue), Chi Wave (all specs), Expel Harm
Does Not Give Stacks: Healing Spheres, Emminence


Does Give Stacks: Eternal Flame, Beacon transfers (with Beacon on add tank), Light of Dawn, Holy Prism
Does Not Give Stacks: Seal of Insight, Sacred Shield


Does Give Stacks: Renew, Circle of Healing, Cascade, Prayer of Mending
Does Not Give Stacks: Atonement


Does Give Stacks: Riptide placed on tank while tanking add, Healing Wave, Greater Healing Wave, Healing Surge, Healing Rain (1 stack)
Does Not Give Stacks: Riptide ticking on tank before add is picked up, Earth Shield