Are you a healer who tweets?

tweetabouthealingIf you are a healer who tweets, please follow us @HealerCDs and we can add you to our list of healers.  If you don’t have your healing class in your description, drop us an @reply too, so we know what list to add you to.

Want to follow healers on Twitter?  We have lists set up for healing classes, follow them all, or follow your class.  You can also subscribe to the lists as well!

We will also start running Twitter feeds from these lists on class pages, so it is definitely worthwhile to get yourself list and get new followers.  And we will also use these lists to throw out some healer love for #FollowFridays.

Disclaimer: While you don’t have to have every tweet about WoW, you should sometimes post about healing or raiding.  And only active accounts, if you haven’t tweeted in months, there is no point in adding you.

New Siege of Orgrimmar Raid Guides have been added!

We have added all the new Siege of Orgrimmar raid bosses to our raid guide section, so they are ready for you on patch day!

Some are still a work in progress, especially since things can change from how we have tested them on the PTR, so any comments, suggestions and tips are greatly appreciated!  I am continuing to add tips to them as I talk PTR with raiders from different guilds who have had different testing experience.  Then I expect to be updating them on the fly as I progress through the raid on patch day, so be sure to hit reload if you are struggling on a boss.

We are also working on all the new trinket pages, and will have new weak auras for them as well, or feel free to share any of your own weak auras (and we would love to give you credit!)

You can find the new raid guides on the left side, you can access them from the drop down menu at the top of the page, or go to the Siege of Orgrimmar raid guide homepage.

Good luck to everyone in 5.4 and Siege!


Introducing HealerCDs forums

I want to announce the addition of the Healer CDs forums!

When I started, it was a way for healers to keep up with all the healer changes going on either as hotfixes or changes happening on the PTR, since it is often data overload with patch and PTR notes on all classes, items and bosses.  As a raid or healing leader, it was often easy to miss a change on priest healing, for example, when you play a druid – or perhaps not even a healer at all.

As the site got a steady increase of traffic (we are up to thousands of visitors daily, woot), I began getting a lot of people contacting me with specific healing questions, whether about healing specific fights or healing classes in general.  Unfortunately, while some of this has gone into raid guides and tips, I unfortunately can’t keep up with everything and I don’t know every single healing class inside out like I know some of them :(  So here is hoping that those who can help, will.

We will also be looking to add moderators, particularly to the healing class forums.  If you are interested, start becoming active on the forums then you can apply.

Best of all, if your guild is looking for a healer, there are forums you can post to let healers know you are recruiting.  Likewise, if you are a healer looking for a home, there is a separate forum just for healers looking.  I know what a pain it is to sort through the official WoW recruitment forums with its all in one approach.

And if healing changes are made on live or PTR, I might start threads about them for further discussion, especially when they are big or controversial changes (it would have been great for all the people who contacted me with the disc changes in 5.3).

We also ask that if you are known by a specific healing toon name, you register it sooner rather than later, I don’t want to have to be the person to figure out who is best known by that name 😉