Druids can only transfer Lifebloom stacks with 2+ seconds remaining

In 5.4 Resto Druids will be able to move full stacks of Lifebloom from one target to another.  It has been slightly changed that in order to move those stacks, Druids will now have to have at least 2 seconds remaining on those stacks in order to move them.

Lifebloom stacks will only move to the target if more than 2 sec duration is remaining.

A minor change, and more than likely related to PVP that the change was made.

Totemic Persistence replaces Totemic Restoration

Blizzard previously stated they weren’t happy with Totemic Restoration and were looking to change or replace it.  That changes come with the announced Totemic Persistance talent.

New talent: Totemic Persistence. Summoning a second totem of the same
element no longer causes the first totem to be destroyed. Only one totem
can benefit from this effect at a time.

This talent will be particularly useful for resto shamans who either want to double stack healing stream with healing tide totems, or just don’t want to lose out on mana tide, if they happen to drop it right before an unexpected damage spike the requires healing tide.  And there is also the case where resto shamans are so used to placing healing stream on cool down that they accidentally clip a healing tide or mana tide totem.

From a DPS perspective, the initial reaction was about how great it would be to drop both searing totem and fire elemental totems together,  especially for a burn phase with heroism/bloodlust, however Blizzard is already clarified that this talent will not work for fire totems.

Nonetheless, I suspect this talent will get the most use by resto shamans so they don’t lose out on the benefits of their mana tide or healing tide  full durations.

Mistweaver’s Mana Tea Changes Reverted for 5.4

Blizzard has reverted the mana tea changes announced back to where they are on live.  It was quite controversial, but the change had a huge impact on the effectiveness of Mistweavers in PVP.

After a lot of heavy discussion, we’ve decided not to go ahead with the Mana Tea nerfs for now. As many of you have pointed out (and we’re keenly aware), solving the issues with Mistweavers’ mana regen is not a small task, and while we’re not happy with how things are working currently, it’s just a bigger problem than we’re comfortable trying to solve in 5.4.  We’ll be revisiting the issue in the future.

Note: There is a possibility that the next PTR build will have a number of other changes that we were considering, but have since decided not to go ahead with. Should that happen, they will be reverted in the build after next.

So for non-Mistweavers that were hoping for a nerf of some sorts to the insane mana regen of monks in raids will be waiting longer, and Boomkins will continue to compete for all the non-spirit pieces with monks.

More on the Mistweaver Monk 5.4 Mana Tea Change

Blizzard announced a few days ago that they are reducing the mana return on Mana Tea from 4% to 2%.  Mistweavers are currently the healing spec that is using the least amount of spirit – in fact most high end raiding Mistweaver Monks are choosing the Throne of Thunder drops that do not have spirit, or reforging out of every bit of spirit that they can – it isn’t unusual to see MW with the only spirit gems being Purified Imperial Amethyst, and only used when it is to meet a desired gem socket bonus, such as the tier chest.  Seeing a Mistweaver with 5k spirit is pretty normal, and yes, that is even those clearing 13/13H.

Blizzard has finally commented on the change, and confirms it is to address the fact that Mistweavers are trying to drop as much spirit as they possibly can.

The fact that a 50% nerf to Mana Tea feels like a 50% nerf to your overall mana regen should indicate why the change was necessary. We want healers to want Spirit. When a healing class is actively avoiding Spirit whenever possible, there’s a problem.

That said, there’s still a lot of work and discussion going on here. We’re probably not going to keep this particular change. The overall goal is simply that you care about Spirit, and we’ll be rebalancing as necessary.

It might also mean that Mistweavers should be picking up some spirit pieces where they have opted for non-spirit pieces, such as rings and off-hands, otherwise some could be in for a world of hurt once 5.4 hits.

Druid’s Lifebloom now moves stacks to new target when switched in 5.4

In 5.4, gone will be the days where Resto Druids had to build up stacks of Lifebloom on a tank when tank swaps took place.  Now, when you switch your Lifebloom to a new target, all of the stacks will move to that new target.

This is a fabulous change for Druids.  It will also make it much more crucial for Druids to ensure that they don’t accidentally let stacks fall off their target, since it will be a significant HPS loss.

Hopefully this is one that sticks around for when 5.4 goes live.

Disc Priest Spirit Shell being reduced from 15 seconds to 10 seconds

A significant nerf for Disc Priests with Spirit Shell now only active for 10 seconds on a target, down from 15 seconds.  This change is seen to affect 25M raiders more than 10M raiders, because of the differences in how Discs use Spirit Shell under those circumstances.

Pre-5.4, Spirit Shell: For the next 15 sec, your Heal, Flash Heal, Greater
Heal, and Prayer of Healing no longer heal but instead create absorption
shields that last 15 sec.

5.4 PTR: For the next 10 sec, your Heal, Flash Heal, Greater
Heal, and Prayer of Healing no longer heal but instead create absorption
shields that last 15 sec.

Of course, this is PTR, and things could change.

Mistweaver’s Mana Tea now restores half the mana

Mistweaver Monk’s Mana Tea has been completely nerfed on the latest PTR build patch notes.  Instead of Mana Tea restoring 4% of maximum mana per stack, it now restores only 2%.

This change will be a major concern for Mistweavers, especially because many Mistweavers have reduced their spirit levels to 5-8k overall spirit.  This means that Mistweavers will have to increase their spirit or rely more on Resto Shaman’s Mana Tide totem.

Disc Priest Rapture changed for mana gains

A new change has hit the PTR for Disc Priests, although how it will really affect Disc Priest’s mana remains to be seen – people are conflicted about whether it is a gain or a loss at this time.

The change:  Rapture now energizes the Priest for 100% of the mana cost of Power
Word: Shield When the shield is fully consumed or is dispelled (used to
energize the Priest with mana equal to 150% of their spirit). This is
the modified mana cost for Power Word: Shield, after being reduced by
Rapture’s passive effect.

There is currently discussion as to how this will really affect mana for Disc Priests at HowtoPriest


Holy Paladin Mastery no longer works on HoTs

It has been no secret that Paladin mastery for healers has been pretty overpowered this expansion.  Blizzard has taken steps to nerf Paladins somewhat, and the nerf to Mastery has had the tooltip slightly changed.

Mastery: Illuminated Healing no longer works on HoT spells.

This is a slight change from the previously announced change.  And it effectively changes it back to where it was pre-5.2 when only direct heals resulted in Illuminated Healing.

New Resto Shaman Glyph of Eternal Earth adds charges to Earth Shield From Lightning Bolt

An interesting new resto Shaman glyph has hit the PTR – Glyph of Eternal Earth.  This major glyph has the change to add a charge to Earth Shield when the Shaman casts Lightning Bolt.

Since a Lightning Bolt costs 4260 mana and refreshing Earth Shield costs 11,400 mana, I could see some situations where a Shaman could use this, especially on fights where there is time to DPS.  The unfortunate thing is the true value of this would only be when used in conjunction with the Telluric Currents glyph, but that would cost the Resto Shaman 2 of the 3 major glyph slots.

Also, Lightning Bolts cannot cause the Earth Shield to have more than 9 charges – if it did, I could easily see Shaman’s LBing for the first 30 seconds of a fight – a time when raid damage is usually low on a fight, to build up a huge Earth Shield that would last an entire fight.

This glyph will be one to watch, particularly if it gets reworked to allow more charges or to work with Telluric Currents better.