Norushen Raid Journal Abilities

Here are all the raid abilities for Norushen in Siege of Orgrimmar.

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  • ImportantCorruption – Players start the encounter with 75 points of Corruption. The more corrupt a player is the less damage they will inflict to the Amalgam of Corruption.In Heroic Difficulties, players begin the encounter with 50 points of Corruption.
  • Purified – Players who reach 0 Corruption become Purified. Healers who are Purified gain bonus healing, tanks who are Purified take less damage, and damage dealers inflict greater damage by virtue of having less Corruption.4 In Normal, Raid Finder, and Flexible Raid difficulties, Purified persists until the player is once again Corrupted.In Heroic Difficulties, Purified persists for until cancelled. or until the player reaches 100 Corruption.
  • Quarantine Measures – If the Amalgam of Corruption proves too dangerous, Norushen will have no choice but to activate the zone’s safety measures and destroy all life within.
  • TankAmalgam of Corruption

    • TankUnleashed Anger – The Amalgam slashes at its current tank target, inflicting 280000 Physical damage.
    • TankSelf Doubt – The Amalgam inflicts doubt on its current tank target. Self Doubt increases the damage of Unleashed Anger by 50% per application.
    • DeadlyBlind Hatred – The Amalgam creates a zone of corruption that extends outward and slowly turns in place. All players caught in the path of the corruption suffer 105000 Shadow damage every second.
    • DeadlyFusion – Every Expelled Corruption that reaches the Amalgam of Corruption will increase the damage the Amalgam inflicts by 8% for 15 sec.
    • HealerIcy Fear – The Amalgam inflicts 52500 Frost damage to all players every 3 sec. This damage increases as the Amalgam loses health.
    • ImportantFrayed – When the Amalgam reaches 50% health remaining, and for every 10% health lost thereafter, the Amalgam spawns an Unleashed Manifestation of Corruption.
    • Draw – The Amalgam searches the souls of all its enemies and Draws upon their Corruption. Any targets found with 75 Corruption or more will cause an Unleashed Manifestation of Corruption to spawn.4 This ability is only used when the Amalgam is below 40% health remaining.
  • ImportantLook Within – Players can interact with Purifying Light to Look Within. Doing so transports the player to their own realm where they face a personal challenge based on their role. Successfully completing the challenge will return the player to the normal realm with zero Corruption.Players cannot Look Within while under the effects of Purified.In Raid Finder Difficulty, players are automatically selected to Look Within. There are no Purifying Light objects to interact with.

    • DPSTest of Serenity – Players of the DPS role face the Test of Serenity. To complete this challenge, players must defeat the elements of corruption present. Whenever one of these elements of corruption is defeated, it will be unleashed into the normal realm.Failure to complete the challenge will unleash all remaining elements of corruption to the normal realm at once.

      • Manifestation of Corruption – These sha creatures repeatedly cast Tear Reality, which inflict Shadow damage to all enemies in a cone in front of the caster.
      • Essence of Corruption – These lesser sha creatures repeatedly cast Expel Corruption, which fires a ball of corrupted energies in a straight line, dealing 70000 Shadow damage to anyone it strikes.
    • HealerTest of Reliance – Players of the Healer role face the Test of Reliance. To complete this challenge, players must defeat a Greater Corruption. Healers are aided by several allies while Looking Within.Failure to complete the challenge will unleash a Manifestation of Corruption to the normal realm. Success returns the player to the normal realm cleansed of all Corruption.

      • Greater Corruption

        • Disheartening Laugh – Inflicts Shadow damage to all enemies over 6 sec.
        • Pit of Despair – Inflicts 70000 Shadow damage every second to all enemies within the area.
        • MagicLingering Corruption – Inflicts 280000 Shadow damage if not dispelled from the victim within 10 sec.
    • TankTest of Confidence – Players of the Tank role face the Test of Confidence. To complete this challenge, the tank must survive for 1 min against a Titanic Corruption.Success returns the player to the normal realm with zero corruption.

      • Titanic Corruption

        • Titanic Smash – Inflicts 350000 Shadow damage to anyone in a cone in front of the caster.
        • Corruption – Every successful strike received from the Titanic Corruption inflicts the victim with a stack of Corruption, inflicting 7000 Shadow damage per application every second.
        • InterruptibleHurl Corruption – The caster hurls a ball of corruption at their target, inflicting 194250 to 225750 Shadow damage.
        • DeadlyBurst of Corruption – Inflicts 129500 to 150500 Shadow damage to all enemies.
        • Piercing Corruption – Inflicts 280000 Physical damage to the target. This attack cannot be absorbed.

ImportantUnleashed Corruption

Whenever players successfully defeat an element of corruption during the Test of Serenity it will be unleashed in the normal realm.

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