Norushen Raid Strategy Guide (incl Heroic)

Norushen Detailed Strategy Guide (incl Heroic) for Healers

Norushen is the third boss in Siege of Orgrimmar.

The fight revolves around a mechanic called Corruption, where players start at 75 Corruption and maxes out at 100, similar to Sound on Atramedes and  Corruption on Cho’gall.  The higher the corruption, the less damage the player does.

To remove Corruption, there are portals located on the sides of the room that take players to “Look Within” which is a challenge based on your current raid spec.  When you successfully complete the challenge, you return with zero pride.

Test of Resilience – This is the healer challenge and many healers believe they need to off-spec DPS the adds in order to leave the realm, which is impossible except for geared Disc Priests.  What you actually need to do is heal up the allies in the realm, as they will then do more damage to the enemies the higher health they are.  You will need to set up a way to see them (or at least one of them) in your healing raid frames, or target one and AoE heal.  One of the NPCs or yourself will get a debuff on you that needs dispelling within 10 seconds or it will do a huge amount of damage to you.  However, not having them in raid frames will make this job very difficult.  Default Blizzard raid frames allow you to do this, but not all healing addons (such as Healbot) will show them in your frames.

The dispellable debuff now has a large dark  aura around the player or NPC targeted, so you can visually see it if you can’t have all 3 NPCs in your grid.  A weak aura for this would be helpful, so you will always know when someone is affected with it – if you don’t dispel it, it will kill you.

Test of Serenity – This is the DPS challenge and you just simply DPS them down, but avoid the frontal cone and the balls of corruption so you don’t die.  If you have terribad raiders who don’t avoid bad very well, you can hot them up if you absolutely have to send them down.

Test of Confidence – For the tanking challenge simply survive against the Titanic Corruption.  If you are undergeared, you can have healers hot you up with heals before you enter if you are concerned about dying, that way you can delay the use of healing CDs until the end if needed.

When you are at 0 corruption, healers get a healing bonus, tanks take less damage and DPS do more damage.

Lingering Corruption needs to be dispelled within 10 seconds or it will unleash 400k (500k on heroic) damage.

Heroic Mode

On heroic, you begin with 50 Corruption instead of 75.  Once Purified, the effect remains until either cancelled or a raid member reaches 100 Corruption.

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Raid Journal Abilities
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Recommended number of healers:
25M Heroic – 5-6 healers
10M Heroic – 2-3 healers
25M Normal – 6 healers
10M Normal – 2-3 healers

World of Logs Rankings for Healing on Norushen:

  • 25M Heroic
  • 10M Heroic
  • 25M Normal
  • 10M Normal
  • 25M LFR

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