More on Healers & Spirit in Warlords of Draenor

Ever since Blizzard announced that there would no longer be any spirit on the majority of healing gear, aside from trinkets and jewelry, many healers have been concerned about what this might mean for healers and their mana regen (eep!)

One of the ideas raised is for haste to affect how quickly mana regens, since the value of spirit definitely varies between the healer classes.  Blizzard answered a few more questions about the role of spirit in healer gear for Warlords of Draenor.

What about removing Spirit and let Haste be the main factor of mana regen? Throwing ideas around. @Celestalon
Spirit’s value varies significantly between classes. One contributor is what the other secondaries do for regen. (Source)
We’re looking at potential changes in that regard, to standardize that better between classes. (Source)

What about Spirit? On clothes? On Jewelry? Some DPS casters are using them on rings/neck at least.
No spirit on armor may involve increasing the amount of spirit on non-armor. That makes it more complex to change existing armor. We recognize the problem and are planning potential solutions, but aren’t ready to give specifics yet. (Source)

Wouldn’t increasing the amount of regen spirit gives instead avoid that issue?
That may be part of it, but we may change how we itemize non-armor pieces. Just complicates the issue. (Source)

If healers have enough regen with 1-2 spirit pieces in first raid tier, what happens to mana regen later on?

“Enough” is a very ethereal concept. It also varies with other gear. And definitely not from 1-2 items in the first tier. (Source)

Then between 3 and 6 (of 7) slots. If item stats triple again, will only need max 2 spirit pieces in final tier. Also, sockets.

Sounds like you’re ignoring the fact that “enough” changes between tiers. (Source)

Anyone else a tad bit concerned about the spirit and mana changes for WoD?  I remember sucking mana at the start of Pandaria, and at the start of Cataclysm, and praying to the Mana Tide and Hymn of Hope Gods for more mana.

Spellpower bonus will be very important for casters in Warlords of Draenor

While answering another question, Celestalon commented about the importance of Spellpower for casters and says the spellpower bonus is huge.  While spellpower has always been pretty important for healers, the impression I am getting is that healers are going to want to get those upgraded weapons asap – although in many guilds, raid leaders tend to prioritize weapons to DPS first over healers.

With changes being made to spirit and mana regen, it wouldn’t be surprising to see spellpower tied into mana regen somehow.

If this means all dmg spells and heals will scale with primary stat, this is a good thing although simplifies gear
Typically Attack Power or Spell Power, which mostly come from your primary stat. (Source)

would be nice for weapons to means as much to casters a physical.
Somewhat ironically, weapons are actually *more* important for some casters, than some melees. SP bonus is huge. (Source)

How many healers are hoping to get a great weapon early in WoD?  At the beginning of expansions, weapons and trinkets are always the slots that make the biggest difference for early healing when we are all sucking mana.