Horridon’s Last Gasp

Horridon’s Last Gasp

The proc on this is a bit unusual.  When an additional stack is added, it doesn’t reset the Cloudburst timer, but actually adds an additional 10 seconds onto the timer.

Considered one of the BIS trinket for many healing classes.

This trinket was hotfixed on March 12, 2013 to increase activation chance by 5%, so when looking at trinket data from theorycrafting and logs, be sure you are looking at it post-hotfix.

Horridon’s Last Gasp – 541 Heroic Thunderforged
Horridon’s Last Gasp – 535 Heroic
Horridon’s Last Gasp – 528 Normal Thunderforged
Horridon’s Last Gasp – 522 Normal
Horridon’s Last Gasp – 501 LFR

Proc Spell: Triggers the effect Cloudburst which can stack up to 5 times.

Buff Mana Tide? No

Drops from: Horridon

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