Why is the Resto Shaman 2pc healing bonus healing not being attributed to the healer?

If you are your Resto Shaman with your 2pc t16, you might not have noticed that your healing 2pc bonus isn’t simply wrapped into the healing done by your Earth Shield.  Instead, the healing bonus is being attributed to the tank, as the tank’s self healing.  Yes, while all the other healing classes have healing tier bonuses that increase their healing output, Resto Shaman’s 2pc has no increase to their actual HPS.

Here is the bonus:

(2) Set:  When Earth Shield heals a target, the target will gain 300% of the amount healed as an absorb.

So it would be natural to assume that the healing proc would be included in World of Logs as healing from the Resto Shaman.  But instead, the healing from the bonus, called Nature’s Barrier will show up as healing by the target of the Earth Shield.


Here is a screenshot from a heroic 25M kill, which shows Earth Shield 2pc tier bonus healed for 2.6M but it is counting as healing done by the Monk tank (although any target who has Earth Shield will show as Nature’s Barrier being a self-heal by that target, and not by the Resto Shaman who used it).  For this particular fight, that Earth Shield tier bonus, if it had shown up as healing BY the Shaman, would have healed for more than Earthliving and almost as much as the Spirit of Chi-Ji cloak, so it is pretty significant amount of healing Restos are missing out on.

With the Resto Shaman 4pc being the most horrible Resto Shaman tier bonus ever – seriously, why does Blizzard insist on tying a tier bonus to Spiritwalker’s Grace, a spell we use when we have to heal on the run, yet is also when we are seldom able to use our most effective heals, it is usually chain heal spam time – it makes the bonus from the 2pc that much more important, yet it does not have an HPS increase for the Shaman.  It is still a very useful tier bonus, mind you, and all Resto Shamans should be using their T16 2pc when they can get it, but it sucks we do not get an increase in healing from it.

The tier has been out for about a month now, and Blizzard doesn’t seem to be making a move to fix this at all.  Please show a bit of Resto Shaman love and attribute the healing done by the Resto Shaman’s Earth Shield to the Shaman who is using it.

I have also tweeted various Blizzard CMs and some top Resto Shamans (sorry for those I missed, I didn’t know many of you on Twitter).

Follow @HealerCDs and retweet, let’s see if we can get this changed, I am spearheading the effort :)

I would love to hear from more Resto Shamans and their thoughts on this either below or on our forums.  There is a forum thread on the HealerCD forums about the Resto Shaman tier bonuses.

Huge Holy Radiance bug fixed

If your Holy Radiance seems to be healing for less than you think it should, the good news is that it was an unintended bug that was causing it to only heal 5 players.   There is a bug report here if you are wanting to know specifics.

[quote]Fixed an issue where Holy Radiance may sometimes heal less players than intended.[/quote]

There is plenty of speculation over the “sometimes” part, but the good news is it is hotfixed :)