Twin Consorts

Healing Twin Consorts

Healers need to ensure they are spread out throughout the room so they can reach the entire raid, and adjust accordingly.  It is easy to end up having a dead zone with healers not being in range of some of the raid.

Healers need to watch how much healing they are doing on the tank that is currently tanking adds, as most heals will put a stacking debuff Corrupted Healing on the healer, which becomes very painful at higher stacks and on heroic.  It hits for 10k per second on normal, and 30k per second on regular.  If you end up getting a healer with high stacks, make sure you keep hots on them, as it takes 30 seconds to fall off.  Alternatively, Hand of Purity will remove the debuff from someone with high stacks, although it may give the casting Paladin a stack.  All healers should be tracking this debuff.  Ideally, raid should be killing the add as soon as possible.

Here is a list of known spells that cause Corrupted Healings, and ones that do not cause stacks.

Make sure your raid is keeping your 10 yard spread, otherwise you will have insta-deaths or close calls.

Be aware that the green clouds floating around are NOT anything to do with monk healing, they will stun you and hit pretty hard.

You will need a raid CD cooldown for the first phase, then you can hold CDs for the final phase – there is not enough time to use them in second phase and have them available in the final burn phase.

It is also worth noting that the Serpent statue gives health and mana regen, so you might want to save that for later in the fight when healers start to have mana issues.

Mistweavers are considered melee for this fight for the stars, but all other healers should make sure they are well out of range of melee, so they don’t get the melee killed if they get targeted with Cosmic Barrage.  However, if you tank the two bosses on opposite sides of the room, melee can be targeted.

Notes for Heroic:

Corrupted healing hurts much harder than in normal – 2+ stacks requires dedicated healing.  If your tank tanks the adds outside of the melee group, you should be able to take more advantage of AOE healing that you can’t do if the tank tanks it right next to the boss.

You MUST keep range for crashing stars.  They will one shot ranged.

Be sure to dispel the sleep effect off, especially on tanks.  Shamans can also tremor totem this.

Recommended number of healers:
25M Heroic – TBD
10M Heroic – TBD
25M Normal – 6-7 healers
10M Normal – 3 healers

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