Lei Shen

Healing Lei Shen

Lei Shen is a fight where you need to continually stack for one pillar while spreading for another, all while managing mechanics, some which require you to stack on the chosen target, while others you need to GTFO as fast as possible.

The first phase you won’t really need CDs unless a thunderstruck ends up near melee, or your range are bad at moving away.  It decreases the damage done the further a player is from the thunderstruck zone, so move as far away as possible to reduce overall raid damage.  If you stay too close, it is a one shot.

During intermission, raiders with static shock should use any damage soaking abilities but NOT any immunities (such as dispersion).  When a player uses an ability that immunities the damage, that damage gets split between the others stacked up, and can often kill them.

Make sure you have healers spread out equally between the platforms so no one is out of range.

Intermission is when things go sideways, so pop a healer CD if your area is being hit pretty hard with adds.

Notes for Heroic:

Coming after more data is in from heroics.

Recommended number of healers:
25M Heroic – TBD
10M Heroic – TBD
25M Normal – 6-7 healers
10M Normal – 3 healers

World of Logs Rankings for Healing on Lei Shen:

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