Jin’rokh the Breaker

Healing Jin’rokh the Breaker

The first boss in Throne of Thunder is pretty easy mode.

Healers should have a CD rotation for lightning storm, there will be three lightning storms during the fight.  Healing rain, Barrier, Spirit Link and Efflorescence should be in your raid toolkit for this fight.

Make sure your raid is stacking on the edge of a dark puddle.  This allows you to make sure you can take the best advantage of AOE healing, and makes kiting orbs easier and less likely to run over someone.

Healers SHOULD stand in a puddle whenever possible, except when kiting an orb or moving to a new puddle.  It gives you 40% increased healing when you do.  If you are stacked on the edge, make sure you are in the puddle and not just on the outside of it.

Static burst is an raid wide AOE damage, so be prepared with raid wide healing for it, and the tank swap immediately after, as tanks will normally swap then.

Tanks get flung at a statue, which is where the next dark puddle will appear.  Make sure the tank getting flung is at full health prior to being flung and is healed up immediately, as the tank is stunned after being thrown.

Notes for Heroic:
The biggest killer on heroic is Ionization, which needs to be dispelled or allowed to expire.  Everyone in the raid will get ionization, except for the tanks.  But for it to be dispelled – or for when the debuff is about to expire – people must stand OUTSIDE of the conductive water puddle and must keep 4 yards range from each other.

Some classes can immunity off ionization.  DKs can use Anti-Magic Shell right before it goes out, same with a rogue cloaking and hunters using deterrence.  Mages can blink out and ice block. Just be aware that most immunities require raiders to still move out of the conductive water pool before they remove it.

Dispelling is VERY important.  If you have healers who are no dispelling, or who are only dispelling themselves, you are losing dps uptime on the boss because people are moving outside of the puddle waiting for a dispel that might never come.  Depending on your comp, there could be situations where 1 or 2 people might not get a dispel, but ideally all the raiders should get a dispel.  If you have healers low on dispelling, get them to kick it up or replace them.  Faster dispels = more Fluidity-buffed DPS on the boss, since the 40% extra damage is quite significant.

If you dispel someone (or they remove it with a personal) while they are standing in the puddle with Fluidity, it will wipe the raid.  Healers can set up their healing bars to show dispels only if someone does NOT have the Fluidity buff too.  You also need to make sure each raider has 450k health before you dispel them, or they could die depending on how much  they personally absorb.

Alternatively, rather than dispelling, you can keep everyone stacked, then it is the responsibility of each raider to move out to drop off their debuff before it expires, and keep 4 yard range from each other.  Assign half the raid to run left, and half to run right (or split based on melee and range) and use speed boost such as stampeding roar… individual healers can and should run out to drop theirs off personally, so they can be stationary when people are running out to top people up.  Raiders should use their healthstone before the debuff expires if they are below 450k life.  If you have two resto shamans, have the raid split into clear range and melee stacks, and assign each shaman to drop their rain on either melee or range, so everyone is also benefiting from ancestral fortitude.

Lightning storms still need to have CDs, especially if you have people who dodge lightning balls poorly, or bad RNG causes the balls to split right where raid is stacked.  Healing tide and revival are great here, as is tranquility, especially if done with a spiritwalker grace symbiosis from a resto shaman.  You should have 3 min cooldowns up for every second lightning storm.

Make sure people are using personals during Lightning Storm, including health stones, Shamans with Stone Bulwark totem, Monks with Expel Harm, etc.

Recommended number of healers:
25M Heroic – 5-6 healers
10M Heroic – 2-3 healers
25M Normal – 6 healers
10M Normal – 2-3 healers

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    We overhealed this one as 6 heals (on normal).

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