Healing Ji-Kun
What raid instance is complete without a flying beast of some sort?

You will need to use significant AOE healing for Quills.  The raid should stack up in the middle, or on a marked raid member who remains on the platform for the duration of the fight.

Ensure your raid is keeping an 8 yard range.  Caw is one of the abilities which targets random players and causes AOE sound waves within 8 yards of the target.  It is 300,000K damage in normal mode and 400,000K in heroic mode targeting 2 players in 10M and 5 in 25M.  Have a few people not spread who get targeted and that is significant raid damage to be healed when CDs are best used on another ability.

The person calling healing CDs for Quills will need to be aware of which CDs are available based on who is currently on the main platform at the time it goes out.  Right when Quills is about to call out, call for stack and pop CDs.  Quills last for 8 seconds, doing damage every second (think similar to Wind Lord Mel’jarak’s Rain of Blades).  You are best to have one of your strongest AOE healers (ideally a resto shaman) remain on the platform for the entire duration for healing to heal through Caws.

IMPORTANT: Caw can happen immediately after Quills, which will wipe out the raid (or come close to it) if it goes off while people are still stacked.  You need to call for the spread a couple of seconds before Quills ends, and train your raid to watch the cast bar for Quills so they can be out of the raid and /range 8 of their fellow raiders.  2 overlapped Caws will likely result in death to those players.

Healers on the outside platforms during quills will need to ensure they pop personals if they are struggling to keep up their group of raid members on the small platforms.

Depending on the raid strat your group is doing, Feed Pools (the green slime on the main platform) can start taking up a large portion of the platform, and raid will accidentily stand in them and take damage.  Healers should add Slimed to their healing bars – this results from someone standing in Feed Pools for 3 seconds, soaking the pool but placing a damage debuff on them for 15 seconds.  Generally tanks will soak the Feed Pools, but dps/healers with personals can do them.  However, those players can be a bit more fragile when Quills goes out, so they should try and time it so the 15 second debuff expires before Quills.

Notes for Heroic:

You need to make sure each flying group has a dedicated healer that follows each flying group around everywhere.  They need to ensure they have a CD and strong healing throughput for each Quills when they are on one of the lower or upper nests.

Strong healing is needed for the main platform during quills as well.  Most guilds run 2 platform healers for 25M, then use CDs based upon how many other healers are on the platform versus flying.

Always make sure your platform healers know how to fly and are capable of flying incase one of the flying healers dies during the encounter.  For this reason, having one of the flyers in each group marked makes it easy for the raid leader or healing officer to quickly assign a healer to “follow yellow star to the nest and heal.”

Recommended number of healers:
25M Heroic – TBD
10M Heroic – TBD
25M Normal – 6-7 healers
10M Normal – 3 healers

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