Iron Qon

Healing Iron Qon

There is a lot of movement on this fight, however, you do not need all healers stacking with the range group, as long as the healers are staying spread themselves.  Be careful, though, because lines RNG can mean you end up out of range of the majority of the raid.

Watch for fire/ice/etc lines on the ground after the boss throws a spear.  Pop CDs for each spear, especially if people are having trouble moving far enough from spear or are getting hit by lines.  Note: These lines don’t go straight out, they move randomly left and right as they appear, similar to the fire lines on Lord Rhyolith in Firelands.

Save healing tides for tornado phases (if you use healing tide for the first or second spears at the start, it should be available for tornadoes), drop them to help heal people from the AOE and those who aren’t good at dodging tornadoes.  Shamans can also use slink when they get to the other side of the tornadoes to help stabalize as well.  Resto druids with Spirit Walkers Grace symbiosed can also tranq during tornadoes.

Arcing Lightning can be a pain to heal, especially if you have raiders not spreading and constantly re-applying it to others again.  You really want it to fall off before each tornadoes otherwise it will spread to the entire raid again. Once it drops to a few people, send those people to the edge where they spread until it falls off again.

Be sure people are clicking to get players out of lightning storm, we found it easiest for the person with lightning to call out the name of someone close to them to click on them.  With lines and awkward placement of the boss with the walls, it can sometimes be hard to see when someone is affected near you.

Final phase is a stack up and burn, so this is a great place for shamans and druids to drop AOE healing, then rotate CDs as healing becomes more intense.  Make sure you drop mana tides and utilize priests Hymn in order to get mana if healers are low on mana.

Monks can chi torpedo across the damage lines and take no stacks of the damage debuff.

If you are slowed by the ice lines stacking, you can have a shaman drop windwalk totem to remove it.

Notes for Heroic:

Lightning storm is extremely dangerous on heroic, and it will kill the person if they are not clicked on to release them from the stun ASAP.  If the person dies, arcing lightning will jump to another random player.

The arcing lightning also does considerable damage and you should ensure it is off before the final stage when you need to stack for AOE healing.  Players need to be very aware of their position to avoid spreading it to more players, particularly the melee group since it can be extremely difficult to get it off melee due to the range requirements, and will likely start the cascade of a wipe.  Be aware of who has the buff and with the longest duration, they need to be very careful to not spread it to others, even while dodging lines on the ground.

Windstorm also does much more damage – if someone is caught in a tornado, they will very likely die unless they can get some intensive heals, or the tornado happens to carry them near the raid stack point.  If you have warlocks, set up warlock portals at the spot where the tornados drop you off, and then have the other end at the stack point in the back of the room.  Let healers take them only, so they can start AOE healing and popping cooldowns immediately and help save anyone who is a tornado rock star.  You don’t want DPS taking them, leaving the raid without one of their healer to heal immediately.

Do note that players inside tornados have an 80% reduction for incoming heals and absorbs.

Healing becomes very intensive in the final stage, so you will need to ensure all your healers have all their cooldowns available for a CD rotation then.

Recommended number of healers:
25M Heroic – TBD
10M Heroic – TBD
25M Normal – 6-7 healers
10M Normal – 3 healers

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