Durumu the Forgotten

Healing Durumu the Forgotten

This fight is pretty easy, from a healing perspective, as long as people do what they are supposed to.  During beam phase, most people are near the front, so it is easy to AOE heal them.

Tanks take a good deal of damage, so assign tank healers to keep them up and watch for tank swaps.

This fight will easily kill – or almost kill – many raiders who suffer from high latency or low FPS due to the maze mechanic, try and hot those players up and utilize healing tide, devo aura and spirit walker’s grace symbiosed Tranquility to attempt to keep them alive for the encounter.

Note: There was a silent hotfix and Divine Shield will no longer immune Eye Sore as of March 19-20.

Notes for Heroic:

This fight is nearly identical on heroic with a few differences.  First is the appearance of ice walls which need to be DPS’d down immediately so that players can navigate the eye sore maze before the Disintegration Beam can one shot the raid.

The second major change is a healer mechanic.  Dark Parasites will target random players (including the tank).  Healers should have it on their bars.  Those targets will require intensive healing, and when they become unhealable (it ramps up over time) you need to dispel them.  You should wait as long as possible before dispelling, as once you dispel, it turns into Dark Plague for the remaining duration.  That plague spawns adds every 3 seconds, called Wandering Eyes, which attach to players and need to be DPS’d down.

The Dark Parasite mechanic can be primarily avoided if you have shamans drop Grounding Totem right before the boss does Dark Parasites.  It will go on the totem instead of the player, effectively removing the mechanic and extra healing.   Ensure you have one shaman in each group for this.  Do note there is a range on the totem, and the parasites can target multiple players in the same group, so all healers should be aware of and prepared for this mechanic.

Recommended number of healers:
25M Heroic – TBD
10M Heroic – TBD
25M Normal – 6-7 healers
10M Normal – 3 healers

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