Siegecrafter Blackfuse Raid Strategy Guide (incl Heroic)

Siegecrafter Blackfuse Detailed Strategy Guide (incl Heroic) for Healers

If you ever wanted to pop into a pipe Super Mario style in Wow, here is your chance.  Unfortunately, they are pretty buggy, at least on PTR.

For the assembly line, you get a debuff meaning you can’t go and attack weapons twice in a row, the most you can go is every second time the new weapons spawn.

You need to ensure you keep the boss away from the adds or the boss will repair them.

Avoid the sawblades that periodically launch at raid members, and prepare to heal up those who are slow to move.

Shockwave Missiles are similar to Engulfing on Heroic Ragnaros, although they start in the center, and continue to the edges of the room every 5 or so seconds.  They will almost kill you if you get caught, but once you recognize the fact they always start in the middle where the missiles land, you will be fine.

Watch for the laser debuff, as someone not paying attention can easily drag the laser and subsequent fire lines through the raid, which will require plenty of healing.

When the Magnetic Crush happens, you will need to run away from the saw blades, however if you are far enough away, you can let it pull you while you continue casting on normal mode.

Priests can cast levitate for those on the Conveyor Belts, and they won’t be moved as the belt moves.  However, this could be hotfixed at any time.

Heroic Mode

Healers are generally not sent on the Conveyor Belts in heroic mode.  However, you may need to send a healer to the back when magnets go out, so that the belt group can be topped off before they jump back on the belt – hot classes (Druids, Shamans) are great for this.

Otherwise, use CDs on magnets, plus some emergency CDs for things like bad sawblade placement, someone not moving with laser or if people – especially melee – get hit with bombs.

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Raid Journal Abilities
For the boss raid journal abilities, click here.

Recommended number of healers:
25M Heroic – 5-6 healers
10M Heroic – 2-3 healers
25M Normal – 6 healers
10M Normal – 2-3 healers

World of Logs Rankings for Healing on Siegecrafter Blackfuse:

  • 25M Heroic
  • 10M Heroic
  • 25M Normal
  • 10M Normal
  • 25M LFR

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