Sha of Pride Raid Strategy Guide (incl Heroic)

Sha of Pride Detailed Strategy Guide (incl Heroic) for Healers

Sha of Pride is the fourth boss in Siege of Orgrimmar.

The fight has the Pride mechanic, similar to Corruption on Cho’gall.  Players start with 0 Pride, but as their Pride levels rise, additional effects occur at 25, 50, 75 and 100, as they did on Cho’gall.

Every time Sha of Pride reaches 100 energy, the entire raid takes damage which you probably should have raid CDs to help mitigate the damage so you don’t lose raid members if players aren’t close to topped off.  It does 385k damage.  It also gives 5 Pride to everyone.

During the fight, several players will get Gift of the Titans.  They will have a yellow effect around them.  When you get it, all those players should immediately stack (it is best if you have a set raid marker on the ground as the stack point) and once they do, they gain a buff called Power of the Titans.  It increases haste by 15% and all damage and healing by 15%.

Mark of Arrogance is a mechanic that can quickly get out of hand if you don’t have healers paying attention, or if you have healers who never dispel, leaving a couple healers to do all the dispel duties.  Mark does significant damage (70k on normal 95k on heroic) every second until it is dispelled.  But dispelling gives the dispeller 5 pride when removed.  Because of this, you probably want to wait until a player has 2-3 stacks before dispelling, as long as your healers can keep up on the damage.

Keeping a /range 5 spread on this fight is VERY important.

When players have 25-49 pride, a Sha corruption will appear.  The player needs to move immediately, as after 3 seconds it will inflict 300k damage to all players within 5 yards.

With 50-74 Pride, players will spawn a projection of themselves 15 yards away.  You need to move to it within 6 seconds before it explodes, causing raid damage.

Players whose Pride levels are 75-99 Pride will cause 250k damage to players within 5 yards every second, as well as causing 5 Pride.

When a player reaches 1oo Pride, they increase healing and damage by 100%.  However, if they get hit by Swelling Pride while at 100, they will become permanently mind controlled.

You must have someone in melee range at all times, or he does Reaching Attack (like Sha of Fear)

Make sure priests aren’t lifegripping people onto prisons to unlock them, if they lifegrip someone right as they get ported to Sha realm, it can easily kill them if they come in contact with a corruption during the grip.

Heroic Mode

When the boss reaches 100 energy, it inflicts 522,500 shadow damage to every raid member (if you want an idea on the damage, think in terms of heroic Dark Animus Interrupting Jolt damage)  CDs are required to survive this on heroic, such as Healing Tide, Revival or Tranq popped a couple seconds before the damage goes out top make sure everyone is topped up before it goes off.

If nobody soaks their own projection (it will have a huge arrow over top of your own projection) it will likely cause a wipe if more than one goes off.

You will need to dispel on heroic even without the Titans buff, unless you are very lucky, otherwise the damage will ramp up and overwhelm the healers.  Just be mindful of your pride, and don’t forget that it will reset at 30%.

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Raid Journal Abilities
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Recommended number of healers:
25M Heroic – 5-6 healers
10M Heroic – 2-3 healers
25M Normal – 6 healers
10M Normal – 2-3 healers

World of Logs Rankings for Healing on Galakras:

  • 25M Heroic
  • 10M Heroic
  • 25M Normal
  • 10M Normal
  • 25M LFR

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