Paragons of the Klaxxi Raid Strategy Guide (incl Heroic)

Paragons of the Klaxxi Detailed Strategy Guide (incl Heroic) for Healers

Paragons of the Klaxxi is the 13th boss in Siege.

Another fight with a ton of bugs, ala Wind Lord Mel’jarak.  Fortunately, you will only have to deal with three of them at a time.  They spawn in a random order, however, the order will remain the same for that entire raid lockout, so you don’t have to worry about spending a raid night on it, only to come back the next night and find a different order.

When you kill a Paragon, the remaining Paragons regain their full health, and a new Paragon enters.  You can tell in advance which one will be next by looking for the “Ready to Fight” buff on them.

Heroic Mode

The most important changes to this fight for healers are the addition of attentuation-type discs that the raid need to dodge.  Amber will kill raid members if they don’t move quickly enough, so it is important for all range (including healers) to not be too close to the melee/tanks.

Fiery lines do significantly more damage, although it has been nerfed now, but CDs for both fiery lines and reave should be used.

The tank who is tanking Korven will take a lot of damage, and CDs such as Pain Supp and Sac  should be used.

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Raid Journal Abilities
For the boss raid journal abilities, click here.

Recommended number of healers:
25M Heroic – 5-6 healers
10M Heroic – 2-3 healers
25M Normal – 6 healers
10M Normal – 2-3 healers

World of Logs Rankings for Healing on Paragons of the Klaxxi:

  • 25M Heroic
  • 10M Heroic
  • 25M Normal
  • 10M Normal
  • 25M LFR

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