Galakras Raid Strategy Guide (incl Heroic)

Galakras Detailed Strategy Guide (incl Heroic) for Healers

Galakras is the fifth boss in Siege of Orgrimmar.

You do need to clear trash on the way to pulling this boss, the trash can one shot players who are near the explosions, so be careful where you stand.

At least as it stands on the PTR, this is a fight that will probably cause guilds their first major issues in Siege.

You cannot send all your raiders up to the tower together, you must leave some down on the road.

If you are one of the random players hooked in by Thranok, you will need to immediately run out, as he will inflict massive damage with Crusher’s Call to those within 10 yards.

The Dragonmaw Tidal Shamans can be an issue, if possible your raid should CC them.  If they are broken out and drop Healing Tide Totems, you will need to destroy them immediately as they will heal all enemies to full in 12 seconds (20% total health every 3 seconds).

The flaming arrows cause enormous damage, and require constant movement.  Spiritwalker’s Grace (which Resto Druids can get from symbiosis) is a big help.

During phase 2, the mechanic called Flames of Galakrond requires multiple players gets hit as it fires down.  When the flames hit their destination, it inflicts 600k fire damage to every player.  However, this is reduced with each player it shoots through on the way.  If someone runs out with it (which will happen, since people see the DBM skull on their head and think OMG, run out!), pop a CD so the raid survives.

If you are healing the tower, don’t forget to heal everyone up before they jump down, some will die from the fall damage otherwise.

Heroic Mode

On heroic mode, the Demolition Crew who is battling the tower doors needs to be protected.

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Raid Journal Abilities
For the boss raid journal abilities, click here.

Recommended number of healers:
25M Heroic – 5-6 healers
10M Heroic – 2-3 healers
25M Normal – 6 healers
10M Normal – 2-3 healers

World of Logs Rankings for Healing on Galakras:

  • 25M Heroic
  • 10M Heroic
  • 25M Normal
  • 10M Normal
  • 25M LFR

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