Heroic Tsulong

Healing Heroic Tsulong

There is a pro healing strat for healing heroic Tsulong.  Priests should obtain the old T10 2pc tier set (that is the tier from ICC).  You can purchase the 253 versions with Justice Points in Dalaran, or you can run ICC for tokens (it only takes a few people to run 25M).  You can use Wrath gems in the gear (although they will likely be pricey) and Wrath enchants (run ICC with an enchanter in raid, and you will have more than enough mats for all the enchants).  If your priest also has the healing T14 two piece, it will allow the mana cost to be reduced.  The T10 proc is called Blessed Healing, and it will be your priest’s top heal on this fight.  If you use this strat, you should ensure the priest gets all the Light of Day buffs to ensure it keeps stacking.

Ensure whatever healing bars you use ensures you can see Tsulong in your bars.  It can be very awkward and you won’t get full value from your heals if you cannot heal Tsulong through your usual healing frames (ie. Grid, Healbot, Vuhdo, etc).  Sometimes they can act buggy when you try and add a friendly target in combat (since Tsulong starts hostile).

Disc priests will have to go holy for this fight because of how the healing on Tsulong works, unless they are going to be full time on raid without Tsulong healing.

The most important thing for healers to do – besides the obvious of healing Tsulong, is dispelling Tsulong.  Every second the debuff is on Tsulong, it heals (damages?) Tsulong, meaning your raid must to that much more damage and healing to Tsulong before enrage timer.  Every single healer should be fighting for dispels on Tsulong, it is that critical to the success of the fight.  The same debuff also goes out on random players, but those dispels need to be secondary to dispelling Tsulong.  You can also use shadow priests to mass dispel and allow the healers to heal full time.  Left for the full duration on a player, it will probably kill them.  It is also important to ensure you have a couple healers who are dedicated to tank and heals with only heals on Tsulong when not much damage is going out.  Druids are best for this job, since they can put hots on Tsulong while healing raid.

Sun Breaths are very important as they return mana back to healers, and they give a 6 second healing buff to raiders.  You should be stacking a Guardian Spirit or Life Cocoon for the first three Sun Breaths (and the 4th short one if you have one leftover) so that all healing received by Tsulong is also buffed – and ensure that adds don’t hit Tsulong while Life Cocoon is up, otherwise the healing buff will cancel as it protects Tsulong.  Healers should use a weak aura so they can see exactly when the Sun Breath buff expires.  You should blow your healing CDs so they are popped during Sun Breath.  For the last tick of Sun Breath, healers should pop their hots on Tsulong.  These will continue to tick for the Sun Breath buffed amount, but just be careful not to overwrite them with non-buffed hots.

Make sure your shamans are using tremor totem to break fears if they happen, you don’t want to have healers feared during day phase.

You can also use offspec heals during day phase.  However, sdds must be priority, because if adds hit Tsulong, you have probably just negated the good that the offspec heals did.  Healing tides can be dropped by DPS for no dps loss.

All healers are going to make  play for being the reason they should get the extra heroic mode healing orbs.  Everyone wants ot be the rockstar healer that shows how great they are.  Monks are the most powerful with the buff (provided they have T14 4-pc set bonus), with Shamans a close second, then Paladins.  Be careful of healers ninjaing the orbs, especially if you are working on it for progression, they want to show off on the meters.  World of Logs will easily show who got the orbs and how many.  You may also need to educate other raiders that these are healers (they are useless for dps) buffs and to not click on them.  Sometimes you will get orbs spawning in melee and a melee might accidentily click on one.

You should have a macro for targeting Light of Day, since it can often hide itself under the glowing Tsulong.  Here is one:

Healing night phase will differ depending on your strat.  If you have players stacking in the sunbeam, select 3-4 players assigned to always stand out, and they will be the ones chosen for nightmares.  It is safer to use 4, that way if someone forgets to be outside the stack for nightmares, you have a backup.

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