Heroic Lei Shi

Healing Heroic Lei Shi

This fight is incredibly taxing on healers, and will definitely put your skills to the tests.

First, ask your tanks to wear the Wrath frost resist 3pc Polar gear set (one of the few things in the game left with frost resist).  The mats can be expensive, but the Enternal Fires can easily be farmed in Wintergrasp when your faction controls it.  Your tanks using this gear will see their damage taken reduced by 33%, which is pretty huge, and the stats loss from using Wrath gear won’t be a factor (you will also need to use Wrath enchants).  But tank healing is easily one of the hardest parts of this fight, and this makes it ez mode.

You need to have dedicated healers on both tanks, as well as on the two or three soakers you are using.  Make sure specific healers are assigned to each.  Transitions when players are getting back into position from either Get Away or Hide are also dangerous parts of the fight, so it is well worth leaving a healer outside of the stack to keep heals up on tanks, and then have that healer move in once everyone else is back in position.

The Get Away and Hide Specials always occur in sets of two.  So if the first is Get Away, the second will be Hide.  Then it resets and the third will be either Hide or Get Away, and the other will be the fourth.  This is especially useful for getting healing rain down right before Get Away, if you know that is what is coming for the Special.

You need to have CDs set for every Get Away phase, which is very healing intensive.  DPS will need to do a set amount of damage to Lei Shi for this phase to end, but if it lasts the full 30 seconds, it is unlikely the raid will survive it.  Resto Druids should symbios a resto shaman so they can channel tranquility while running during Get Sway.

You can shorten the Hide phase by using the Battle Horn vanity item from the Pandaria rare Blackhoof.  Once Hide begins, use the Battle Horn, and you will see three !!! over top of where Lei Shi is hiding.  This allows your DPS to quickly get all AOE down on the area for maximum damage during the phase.

If healers are pulling aggro on the elementals because CCs are either being broken or coming out late, have your mages place Ring of Frost that the healers can stand in.  It isn’t foolproof but it can help save a healer.  The elementals definitely love healers on this fight.


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