Which bosses drop T16 tier tokens

Can’t remember which bosses drop tier tokens for T16 in Siege of Orgrimmar?  Here is your quick guide.  Remember tier tokens cannot be warforged.  Tokens for this tier are called Cursed.

Helm TokenThok the Bloodthirsty (11th boss)

Shoulder TokenSiegecrafter Blackfuse (12th boss)

Chest TokenSha of Pride (4th boss)

Glove (Gauntlets) TokenGeneral Nazgrim (8th boss)

Leg TokenParagons of the Klaxxi (13th boss)

of the Cursed Conqueror – Paladin, Priest, Warlock
of the Cursed Protector – Hunter, Monk, Shaman, Warrior
of the Cursed Vanquisher – Death Knight, Druid, Mage, Rogue

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