Why is there no spirit food for healers in Warlords of Draenor?

We have been hearing about how mana should (hopefully) be an issue for healers in Warlords of Draenor, so healers have to think about the spells they are casting, but

We also know that when it comes to gearing, only a few pieces of gear will actually have spirit this time around.  And depending on RNG, there could be healers raiding without decent spirit pieces and trinkets, so every last point of spirit will make a difference.

Which raises the question, why does Warlords of Draenor not have any spirit stat food?

Healers at the start of any expac will know the spirit pain (remember first tier in Cataclysm anyone?)  And the majority of healers use spirit food for the first tier of any expansion, because of the mana issue.  Spirit is also one of the more interesting stats since it is sometimes called a primary and sometimes a secondary stat.  However, tanks get stam food, so why not spirit food?

Hopefully we will see the addition of spirit food before Warlords launches (and hopefully it is food that just requires healers to fish and not have to go kill level 100 beasties with a low drop rate)… otherwise healers might want to start stocking up on Steamed Crab Surprise. Unfortunately though, it currently only gives 34 spirit on the WoD beta, versus 135 of other stats with WoD food.  So healers will have to figure out whether the extra spirit is worth it.