New Holy Paladin Changes in Warlords of Draenor announced

We have new Pally healing info from the Healer Watercooler today.

Instacast heals are being removed.  Eternal Flame & Word of Glory now have a 1.5 second cast time for Holy Pallies.  Light of Dawn is now also a 1.5 second cast time.

Holy Light as been removed, although they are re-using the spell name for a different heal.  So now Divine Light is called Holy Light.

Paladin Higher Efficiency: Holy Light, Holy Shock, Word of Glory, Light of Dawn
Paladin Higher Throughput: Flash of Light, Holy Radiance

They plan to dampen down the amount of absorbs in the game, and while this won’t affect Paladins as much as Disc Priests, it should be noted.

Additionally, we’re toning down the power of absorbs in general. When they get too strong, absorption effects are often used in place of direct healing instead of as a way to supplement it. We will, of course, take these changes into account when tuning specializations that rely heavily on absorbs, such as Discipline Priests.

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