Resto Shaman’s 2pc bonus Nature’s Barrier healing is attributed to the healer now

Resto Shaman’s 2pc bonus Nature’s Barrier healing is now being attributed to the healer, instead of the tank.

natures barrier

Because the healing was being attributed to the tank with Earth Shield, many healers have opted to drop the 2pc bonus (and the 4pc was very situational, since usually when Shamans use Spiritwalker’s Grace, it is often more for convenience rather than huge damage phases).   And there are some great itemized pieces for offpieces for those who chose not to use tier.

The change was made about a month ago, and it was not mentioned in the patch notes, I simply noticed in when looking at logs.  However many Shamans I had mentioned this to were not aware of the change, and dusted off their 2pc once again.  I find it is about 2-6% of total healing, depending on the fight.

I wrote about this several months ago, but had given up hope that this would be changed.  FWIW, I always used my 2pc bonus, even though the healing wasn’t attributed to me, simply because it was better for the tanks, even though I could have looked as though I pulled better HPS on paper.