Are you a healer who tweets?

tweetabouthealingIf you are a healer who tweets, please follow us @HealerCDs and we can add you to our list of healers.  If you don’t have your healing class in your description, drop us an @reply too, so we know what list to add you to.

Want to follow healers on Twitter?  We have lists set up for healing classes, follow them all, or follow your class.  You can also subscribe to the lists as well!

We will also start running Twitter feeds from these lists on class pages, so it is definitely worthwhile to get yourself list and get new followers.  And we will also use these lists to throw out some healer love for #FollowFridays.

Disclaimer: While you don’t have to have every tweet about WoW, you should sometimes post about healing or raiding.  And only active accounts, if you haven’t tweeted in months, there is no point in adding you.

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