Mistweaver Monks to get new Crane Stance for Warlords of Draenor

Mistweavers will officially get a new healing stance specifically for fistweaving in Warlords of Draenor.  The new stance is called Crane Stance.

Monks will be able to switch between the two of them easily to be able to heal when the situation warrants it on the fly, then go back to fistweaving when things stabalize.

Are you removing stance of the fierce tiger for mistweavers/brewmasters in WoD?
Yes. Mistweavers get a new Crane stance for Fistweaving, in addition to Serpent stance. (Source)

Crane is healer, Serpent is dd, so why Serpent Stance is for healing and Crane’s is for damage? 
Honestly, because we switched Mistweavers to Serpent for aesthetic reasons during MoP development (Mistweaver heals = Jade color). (Source)
Funny story: Early on, Mistweaver heals were patterned after the Crane, so many of them were red. That felt somewhat odd… (1/2) (Source)
The oddest one was Spinning Crane Kick. It was red and had feathers flying out of it. It got nicknamed “Poultry Slaughter”. (2/2) (Source)

We had heard originally at the beginning of December about the new stances, but hadn’t heard much about it other than there would be two stances for Mistweavers, one for strictly healing while the other is for fistweaving.

Curious. Which is a larger concern going into 6.0, lack of control with Monk healing, or their lack of need for spirit. Also What do you plan on doing with fistweaving?
Both are large concerns that we intend to address. Preserving Fistweaving, but it’ll be a separate stance.

Wait wait wait, by seperate stance do you mean SotFT? Will FW be energy based?
No, new stance. No, still mana. No, not at all like Chakra.

Are you aiming to keep the same seamless fusion between DPS and healing. I miss 5.0 fw.
What do you mean by ‘seamless fusion’? If you mean Jab-Jab-Uplift, no. No cherrypicking.

The idea of stance dancing to do the same thing seems kind of daunting.  I never want to go back to Jab Jab Uplift, I just like how the two styles integrate easily.
The problem is cherrypicking. Don’t want to allow you to pick the best parts of both.
Thus, we need to have some cost to switching modes. Doesn’t take much; 1 GCD may suffice.

Would FW still maintain the “DPS healer” model that we were sold on? Will it be “viable?”
Yes. Separate stance allows us to balance it separately.

Is this going to make mistweaving gimped w/o stance swapping to fist?
Gimped? At what? Maximum HPS is purely Mistweaving, no Fistweaving.

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