Eternal Flame initial heal has been reduced by 30% and why

The latest PTR notes had some interesting information about Eternal Flame.  First, they have reduced the initial healing Eternal Flame does by 30%.   This will have an impact because Eternal Flame is often the 2nd healing spell on Holy Pally logs, right behind Illuminated Healing (or which Mastery has been also nerfed in these notes from periodic healing).  Fortunately, they have made a blue post detailing why the changes were made, and what we could possibly see changed/reverted once more PTR data is out.

Intent behind the Eternal Flame change

We’ve made some changes to Eternal Flame because we feel the talent was being overrepresented within the Holy Paladin population.

Our intent for was for Holy Paladins to pick Selfless Healer if they like to Judge, Eternal Flame if they like heal-over-time spells, and Sacred Shield if they liked damage absorb shields. As it worked out, most every Holy paladin chose Eternal Flame, and we don’t want every Holy paladin to be a heal-over-time machine. (That’s a niche best served by Restoration Druids and Holy Priests.)

We don’t think Holy Paladin’s healing throughput is too high overall (though we’ll gather more information from testing on the 5.4 PTR), so our intent is not to nerf but to reduce reliance on Eternal Flame. One of the biggest problem with Eternal Flame is the way it interacts with the Illuminated Healing mastery, which turns the heal-over-time spell into a potent shield as well. If needed, we will compensate by buffing healing elsewhere.

Our plans for now, are to revert the nerf that was done to the initial healing component of Eternal Flame, but we are unlikely to change the Illuminated Healing back to the way it was.


Shaman’s Conductivity completely redesigned

Conductivity has been a talent that is hardly ever chosen by any Shaman, since it also shares the talent tier with Healing Tide Totem and Ancestral Guidance, both which are pretty powerful.  But Blizzard has completely redesigned Conductivity to be more interesting, however Healing Tide will probably still be the strongest contender for that tier talent.

Conductivity has been redesigned. Casting Healing Wave, Greater Healing Wave, Healing Surge, or Chain Heal, increases the duration of Healing Rain by 1 second. Damaging an enemy with Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Earthshock, or Stormstrike increases the duration of Healing Rain by 1 second.

If this means Resto Shamans could keep a perma-rain down it could get some use.  However we need to be able to test this on the PTR to know if it can be a perma increase, or if it can only ever be increased by 1 second per Healing Rain dropped.  Sometimes Blizzard mangles the tooltips.

Holy Paladin’s Divine Plea no longer reduces healing

Don’t you hate being the sole tank healer and having to call out that you are Plea-ing every 2 minutes?  Well Divine Plea has undergone a slight change that removes the healing reduction.

Currently, when a Paladin Divine Pleas, it reduces all healing done by 50%.  Well that is now gone, so Paladin’s can Plea without being concerned about tank deaths from the reduction.

Holy Paladin Mastery no longer activates periodic healing effects

Holy Paladin’s mastery has been hugely overpowered this expansion and has been one that has been constantly talked about because of the shields that mastery gives the raid.  However, Blizzard has made a change that should reduce the OPness of Holy Paladins slightly.

Mastery: Illuminated Healing no longer activates from periodic healing effects.

However, this remains to be seen just how much of an impact this will really have on Paladin’s healing.

Resto Druid T16 significantly changed

The Resto Druid 4pc has undergone some changes, including switching the Ironbark 2pcbonus to a different Ironbark bonus from 4pc, from what they originally announced.  Here are the changes, and what they were before.

  • Item – Druid T16 Restoration 2P Bonus Ironbark increases your critical chance by 20% for 12 sec. Rejuvenation ticks have a 5% chance to grant a Sage Mender, reducing the mana cost and cast time of your next Healing Touch by 20%, stacking up to 5 times.
  • Item – Druid T16 Restoration 4P Bonus Rejuvenation, Lifebloom, and Wild Growth critical heals have a chance to cause all cast time heals for Casting Ironbark grants you Spark of Life, causing all cast time spells within the next 12 sec to cause grant a Living Seed on the target for 80% of the amount healed.

The Sage Mender proc is an interesting one, although to be honest, Resto Druids generally don’t seem to have many mana issues in raid.  Time will tell if this change sticks around or not.

Druid’s Living Seed can now stack

Good news for fans of Living Seed.  The effect can now stack!  First up, here is Living Seed:

When you critically heal a target with the direct healing portion of Swiftmend, Regrowth, Nourish, or Healing Touch you plant a Living Seed on the target.

When the target is next attacked, the Living Seed will bloom and heal for 30% of the initial amount healed. Lasts 15 sec.

And now the patch notes include “Living Seed effects can now stack, up to 50% of the casting Druid’s maximum health.”  A nice PTR buff for resto druids.

Shaman’s Chain Heal gets reduced Glyph of Chaining CD in 5.4

Glyph of Chaining was another one of those oddball situational major glyphs given to Resto Shamans.  It would increase the jump of Chain Heal by 100% but added an annoying 4 second cooldown to the spell.

5.4 will see that Glyph of Chaining CD reduced from 4 seconds to 2 seconds.  It might make it a bit more appealing for Shamans for situational fights and would probably be worth it for a Shaman to buy the glyph to have it when that oddball situation arises.

Shaman’s Healing Rain now 12 yard radius

One of the big complaints from Shamans this expansion is that there aren’t that many instances where groups of players are stacked up enough to get the full utility out of Healing Rain.

Previously, the radius of healing rain was 10 yards.  Blizzard has now increased the radius to 12 yards, which will help slightly with all the fights that require the raid to be spread out 8-10 yards.  The 12 yard radius change applies to all Shaman specs.

This isn’t a huge buff, however, it is nice and might help shammies get an extra player or two in their Healing Rain.  It is quite noticeable when dropping Healing Rain on the PTR though.

Druid’s Innervate revamped in 5.4

It looks as though Innervate is getting revamped yet again.

Causes the target to regenerate mana equal to 50% of the caster’s Spirit every 1 sec for 10 sec.

This is a change from the previous Innervate which saw mana regen of 10% of the caster’s maximum mana over 10 seconds, with an additional 10% if self-casted.

Glyph of Innervate has also been revamped.

When Innervate is cast on a target other than the caster, both the caster and target will benefit, but at 40% reduced effect.

Hand of Purity Buff for Pallies in 5.4

Hand of Purity is getting some changes for 5.4, which will will help negate some of the changes that were hotfixed back in March during Throne of Thunder progression.

Hand of Purity
now reduces damage taken from harmful periodic effects by 80% (up from 70%) and reduces damage taken from harmful periodic effects that cannot be prevented by immunities by 40% (up from 0%).

You may remember that Hand of Purity was used for Frostbite on Council of Elders, and made it so easy during the first few weeks of heroic kills that it was necessary to stack pallies for that reason specifically.

This is a nice buff to give it more utility that was taken away with the hotfix.