Mistweaver Monk’s Chi Wave is “Smart Healing”

One of the 5.3 changes with monks was that Chi Wave, instead of healing pets or other targets that weren’t raid members, it became a “smart heal”.  In the Icy Veins dev interview, someone questioned whether seeing a glyphed Chi Wave option was possible, in order to get more control.

We fixed this for 5.3. Chi Wave now does “smart healing,” so it will prioritize injured players over pets. It can still be wasted on the wrong target, but it’s hard to predict which target players consider the right one to be. Overall, it’s still a really dominant talent and not in imminent danger of not being taken. Making it too easy to use might make the other talents even less attractive.

The full Icy Veins interview is here.

The 5.3 PTR just went to release candidate, 5.3 date soon

If you have been playing on the PTR, you probably noticed that the latest build on PTR is tagged as the Release Candidate (RC).  What does this mean?  That 5.3 will be very soon!


Still no confirmation for the date it will go live, however, Blues had this to say:

Do you know if 5.3 is coming out this month or not for sure. I heard that is what you guys are aiming for but not sure if its a possibility it might not happen.
At current, it won’t be much longer. We’re hoping to get it out soon (and not the usual soon). I can’t confirm more than that for you right now.

Vampiric Embrace healing buffed for 25M in 5.3

Looks like the 25M healing buff has also reached shadow priests.  Their Vampiric Embrace will now heal up to 15 raid members, up from 6 members on 25M only in 5.3.

This could up a shadow priests healing significantly for 25M, and will definitely help healers out, especially when under-healing content.

This change was a late addition to the 25M healing CD buffs from a few weeks ago that saw Divine Hymn, Tranquility and Revival all get buffed when used in 25M instances.

Excellent Resto Shaman interview with Cirrax, Hamerfal, Luumis & Sonie

Manaflask has outdone themselves this time with an excellent and in-depth interview about the resto shaman class, both past and present.  The interview features:

Cirrax from Blood Legion
Hamerfal from ScrubBusters
Luumis from (ex) Exodus
Sonie from Method

Some of the more interesting parts of the interview are their thoughts about the changes to resto shaman, especially the new totem cooldown format from the previous “drop them and forget them”.  Consensus seems to be that Firelands was the worst tier for resto shamans – while some fights were stacky stacky, others were just  a mad chaos of run around with your Spiritwalker’s Grace on CD otherwise riptide and hope for the best.

They also discuss Deep Healing (aka resto shaman mastery) and they definitely aren’t fans of it.  However, the implications a change could have on PVP is noted.

If you are a fan of weak auras, they talk about weak auras usage (and here is the link to Sonie’s resto shaman weak auras)

If you are a resto shaman, or just want to see where the class is these days, this is a must-read.  They really nailed a lot of the thoughts I have had on this class, and I loved the trip through memory lane from where resto shamans started.

Click here to read the interview